Friday, September 16, 2005

What to knit next?

So I am contemplating what the next big project should be. Yes, I know I have MAJOR holiday knitting to do. Maybe I should start there, I have re-thought Grandma's Shawl. There is NO way that is going to happen. Call it a dose of realism, call it a dose of sanity. I will just call it "smart." If she was the only person I was going to knit for this holiday season and I wasn't an ADD knitter it might have worked. I stress might. But after the last two weeks of feeling totally stretched with the other aspects of my life, I just decided it will be too much. So, Grandma is getting socks. She loves my socks!

BUT, I am getting off the subject (which of course is ME) and what I should knit next as a big project. I WILL NOT START THIS PROJECT UNTIL THE SILK GARDEN SWEATER IS DONE AND IN DORA LYNN'S HOT LITTLE HANDS FOR FINISHING!!! But, that can't stop me from having some ideas!!!!!

Curtain #1
From Rowan 38 "Abigail"

I was trying to upload actual photos to the blog, but blogger is clearly pissed at me, so sadly it will just be links! Anyway, I've been coveting this scarf/wrap since I first laid eyes on Rowan 38. Then I looked at the yarn requirements and decided, no, not for me. Then the sample arrived at Rosie's and I was HOOKED again. It is totally DELICIOUS, however likely will cost out around $175 for the yarn

Curtain #2
"Samus" from Knitty

This is tempting too. I LOVE the Saxon braid cable (which I've done before), I like the simplicity of the rest of the sweater and I like the idea of a zippered cardigan (ie more HIRED finishing work). I also really like this new yarn that Lisa has at Rosie's called "Creative Focus" which is a wool/alpaca mix that comes in a delicious color palette. Also, the price is right---about $50 for the yarn for this sweater. But, for someone who runs "hot" is this sweater too much for the Philly climate?

Finally, Curtain #3

I'm thinking about the aqua colored cabled cardigan. Again, I like that this would be challenging knitting. I like the semi-open cardigan style. The yarn is lovely, Lush; BUT it has a fair amount of angora which makes my nose itch. And again, too hot for Philly??? This sweater would cost out about $170

From a COST only perspective I HAVE to go with Curtain #2
From a What I want the most perspective I would HAVE to go with Curtain #1
Let's be honest, Curtain # 3 is a dark horse.

There is also this, which will be curtain #4

Now, many of my knitting friends know that I've been planning on making this sweater for some time. Having almost finished the Silk Garden, is it too soon to do another Noro sweater? Can a girl EVER have TOO many Noro sweaters (NO!) I don't care about heat or cost with this sweater, I WANT TO MAKE IT.

Crap, the bottom line is I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO.



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Wendy said...

I vote for Abigail - just so I can watch you make it!


PS Any park knitting this weekend?