Wednesday, March 26, 2008

You 'outta be in a magazine article

Me and my group are famous!!!

Thanks to Mike for the awesome write up and wonderful tribute to my clients and their pets!!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Siblings

Can't tell they are sibs at all...can you????

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Finish Phobic or Lack of Inspiration

Wow...two blog posts in one day. I'm killing time before tonight's pet loss group and I was surfing around on Ravelry. There are so many gorgeous things out there to knit...and god knows I have enough yarn to pretty much knit it all. But lately I have found myself unable to finish a damn thing. I must have started like 6 different scarves over the past few months...all of them have maybe 10-30 rows done and then I just...lost interest. I was making good progress on the bell sleeve pullover I found in the UFOs...but now it is nearing the end of March and I know darn well I won't be wearing that sweater until next why finish it now? In fact, let's take an inventory of crap I need to finish:
  1. Stuff for Heather--cannot go anything further into this but there is a ____ and a ____ and some_____ that need to get done before the shower (May 17th) . Let's not forget the wardrobe of soakers she has requested.
  2. Something for Carolyn's baby. Now, does it count as not finished if I haven't started it yet? I'm going to do Baby Surprise (my first) and likely we will make a _____ for her too.
  3. Modern Quilt Wrap- I remember seeing this gem in Folk Style and searching high and low for the yarn because I "HAD TO HAVE IT." I got through maybe 6 blocks. Again...I won't be needing a mohair monstrosity anytime soon...I'm planning on picking it up when I go on vacation in August.
  4. Entrelac Extravaganza-One of my LOVELY beagles ate my beloved Noro entrelac scarf...but not to worry...I love entrelac and was more than willing to make another. I decided to go with a wider version---not quite a scarf but also not quite a stole. I pick it up every few weeks and do a few entrelac block rows because ENTRELAC IS LIKE CRACK. It will be gorgeous when I get it September (another vacation project).
  5. The hex afghan. Trish and I came clean this weekend that we HATE IT and HATE the Yarn-- so ABANDON SHIP...
  6. Kimono Shawl...loving it except that it is BORING! I've done three repeats and have reached a point where I need to FOCUS on it and just knit it for a few weeks and get it done...But then all this baby crap gets in the way...but I really want to be knitting lace

There it is. I really want to be knitting lace. Mostly because it is interesting and challenging and lovely. I've got a huge collection of amazing lace yarn and I was an amazing collection of equally amazing shawls, stoles and scarves all in lace. So, how do I justify answering to the needs of my inspiration gods and the gods of multiple baby gifts- and, actually finish something that makes me feel like I can--be satisfied?

Maggie is home!

Hi all...sorry I didn't write last night...but it was a long day and quite frankly Mags and I were exhausted. Maggie is home and doing well...
She snuggled right in for a nap with her favorite pillow...Finnegan.

She had no further seizure activity while in the hospital and her tests were totally normal. Neurology and behavior both commented that the prozac she is on for her anxiety can lower her threshold for seizure (not cause it-as likely she was predisposed). However, after talking with the behavior resident Megan (who is awesome!) we decided that Maggie's quality of life is SO improved on the prozac that we are going to continue it and watch for increased/repeat seizure activity. She had lots of fluids and was totally fried when we got home. She got right in bed and snuggled in for a good nap. She and Finney had one round of good play around 9pm before she decided it was time for more beauty rest. She snuggled up on the couch with was SO cute. So things are returning to normal-ish. The big behavior mod for me is to make sure she has no access to stairs when I'm not home as a seizure on stairs could cause major injury. So they are safely tucked in to the first floor. Thanks for your good thoughts!


Maggie and her human

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Think good thoughts...

for Lady Maggie...

Maggie had a pretty bad, ridicously long seizure Sunday evening. She is safely enconsed in the care of my co-workers at VHUP who are monitoring her closely, re-hydrating her and making sure she see the neurology vets in the am. The boys are taking good care of me, though wonder where their sister is...I keep reassuring them that she will be home tomorrow. Hopefully this is nothing more than "idiopathic epilepsy" and perhaps she won't ever go through this again...regardless she is in the right place and with a mom who will do whatever she can.

Thanks to El and Jake for coming with me and keeping me company!
I'll update everyone tomorrow

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ides of March

Holy did it get to be March 15th?
So much has been going on! Work is getting crazy busy...we got the general go ahead to move forward with our caregivers up we meet with more vets and some patients and start writing our lit review for publication. We are so hard core ground breaking.

But even cooler, spring is coming! I took these photos yesterday

Daffodils, Tulips and Hyacinth sprouting in the front yard

Cherry Tree blooming next door

A lone crocus in my front yard

Also, Happy Birthday to my sister---you fierce trani hot mess!!!!
And, Finney is 7 months old. Check out the transformation of the cutest beagle basset I know...well he's the only beagle basset I know...
Finn at 3 months:

Finn at 7 months:

Isn't he growing up! He is actually growing into those paws! Thursday he went to work with me and had a great time...he also behaved REALLY well.

Here is Finney at work...

He is clearly living the life of Riley...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Insomniac Theater Returns

Last night, I was up for a long, long time.
It was pouring rain most of the night, and fairly mild for early March. Of course I had my windows open. The wind was howling and the rain was pounding down. My mom used to tell me how much she loved to just lay in bed and listen to the rain. I tried hard to let it coax me into sleep...but I didn' mind was racing.

Of course, there was lots of election coverage. I am so proud of Hillary. Yes, I am a Hillary supporter. Even more so, I'm excited that my vote is actually going to count for something in the PA primary.

I had a rough night at group last night...felt like I over shared (in SW talk "self disclosed" too much). Though if the general rule of thumb is, "was it for you or the client?" it was certainly for the client and I think will be helpful in her overwhelming need to get medication and counseling for her overwhelming depression. But still, I felt vulnerable in front of these clients and unsure of myself as a clinician. At least my self reflection skills are at an all time high.

And the dogs...oh the dogs. Finney outright REFUSED to go outside this morning. Yes it was wet and still raining a bit...but he looked at me as if to say, "if you pee out there mom, I will."
He makes a good point. Anyway, I snapped this photo on the Blackberry last night of Mags spooning Finney (sorry for the poor quality, it was taken with a BB)

I watched old episodes of "The Office" last night...god I miss TV and especially that show...can't wait until it comes back on as there was literally NOTHING on last night...not even a new episode of "Parking Wars." And where was "House?" I needed some Hugh last night. Oy!

Work is rocking! Kathy and I are making a mega proposal next week to the behavior section about starting a support group for people with challenging animals (either with behavior or chronic medical issues). We are both so excited about the premise of the group, what it could offer to our clients and the research we could produce as part of it. The energy around us at Bucks County Coffee yesterday was amazing...people must have been watching us because clearly we were basking in the glow of our budding collaboration. Kathy..."THIS IS GROUNDBREAKING!!!" HAHA!!

Kathy mentioned me in her blog...which I adore. Check it out at

Oh, and here is a great photo of Finn...showing off the family jewels...again

I'm glad he likes my bed so much. Okay time to work...

Monday, March 03, 2008

March already!

Typically, February has been a tough month for I welcome March with open arms. Indeed I was treated to a nice, warm day today and a walk with the bagels this evening. Finally they are all sleeping soundly and I have some blog time.

Nothing too exciting...except that I feel like I am becoming an event planner in my spare time...between my parent's 40th anniversary party, Heather's shower, my last harrah volunteering for the Oncology Memorial Service at HUP and my "I can't believe I have lived in this house for 10 years party..." this is seemingly all I do! It is fun...picking out invites and menus and favors and the like...

The kids are keeping me busy...Finn continues to grow exponentially...

He is such an amazing dog. I think back to before I adopted him and how nervous I was about making the leap. Now I can't imagine not having him as part of the family. He has finally got the hang of walking on his leash and I think laster this week, depending on the weather, I'll walk him up to the office for his first day at work!

Speaking of dogs in office, here is Gussy hanging out under my desk in my office...

He is settling in while I work...when he wants to play he heads out to the old library and plays with a "stuffie" given to him by my office mate Susan. He also enjoys laying in the sun by the big windows. It will be interesting to see how Finney does.

Maggie seems to be progressing with her behavior modification and medication mgmt of her social anxiety. She is certainly recovering faster when she gets spooked and seems to feel more confident in many situations. She didn't like walking this evening (in the dark)...but now she is spread out across 3/4 of the couch.

I'm pretty focused now on knitting for Heather...lots of stuff on the plate for her...but since she reads the blog, I can't go into it...all I can say is she and little baby boy Klu-Simpson are going to love all of it.

Okay, Intervention is on...and this chick tonight is a big M-E-S-S!

Good week to all!