Monday, September 12, 2005

A Failry Decent Monday

My string of decent days continues. On top of the weather continuing to be GORGEOUS, I got my house appraisal back---let me just say that I did well. The refi is moving alongt swiftly. I am so HAPPY! Now I get to buy my new washer and dryer and a new bed. Who wants to go shopping with me??????

Today is Maggie's 1st birthday. We had some SUPREME cuddle time this morning and tonight she split a burger with her brother and sister.

I managed to get the chofa out of the house BY MYSELF. Its amazing how decent the living room can look when Maggie can't destroy things made of foam.

The Phillies are CURRENTLY beating the Braves 4-0 and the Eagles game is on in 20 mins.
Of course, the Braves pitcher just hit a double off the wall...guess I blogged about it too early.

Oh and this is an ode to my sister, who has made me feel self conscious about my silk garden sweater. Allison said, "you know I don't do stripes." Now I can't seem to bring myself to knit another stitch of it! HELP ME knitter pals! Have I made a mistake with the silk garden sweater????? Is it too much horizontal striping for a girl of my girth despite the textured VERTICAL rib pattern????????? I AM FREAKING OUT and now will swatch for the drawstring baby pants for least she can't talk and criticize my knitting.


Allison said...

OK - just because I don't do stripes doesn't mean that you can't do stripes!!! Please don't blame this one on me...I also said that I thought the sweater would be beautiful when completed...note to self - try not to talk smack about your little sib who religiously reads your blog every morning.

Knitty Delicious said...

I wasnt talking smack about you sister