Thursday, June 30, 2005

Getting out of dodge

So the TV ticker is counting down to Live 8 and I'm counting down to getting out of this humid nasty I know has home---Cape Cod in 30 hours giddyup.

I know, I out of towners are thinking I'm crazy for leaving and not being part of this historical melee that will intrude upon my town. But the last time I sat on the parkway with 250000 people was not I don't plan to do it again with 4 TIMES that many people.
I will watch on TV from the comfort of the great room.

Oh and hopefully my Roger (Federer) will be playing in Wimbleton Final on Sunday so I plan to have "Breakfast at Wimbleton" with little petey.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Auntie Bach: The Cool Aunt

So I have a posse of children to whom I am Auntie Bach; doer of no wrong, giver of cool presents and maker uper of funny games and stories.

Last night went to a BBQ at Susan and Jeff's and felt like the Pied Piper with Sammy, Alex, Emma, Sarah and Charlotte(a). I came home exhausted and extremely soaked from the kiddie pool, which I didn't even go in to.

So rainy days and Monday's always get me down. I am beginning to loose my patience with the wet behind the ear new physicians (who have been doctors for about a week) and their constant need for spoon feeding and coddling. Hello, that is what your resident is for. I am the patient's social worker, not yours. Let's move on.

I'm tearing through my scrapbook and hope to finish Ireland this week before heading up to the Cape for the holiday weekend and some much needed pampering. Continuing to plug away on modular scarf and then its back to the silk garden sweater. I plan to wear it in October.

Knitty D

A True sign of summer: Gus and Molly sacked out in from of the A/C Posted by Hello

Sammy is a fish and LOVES the hot tub! Posted by Hello

Me and Sarah Posted by Hello

Baby Charlotte---or as Alex calls her Charlotta Posted by Hello

Jeff and Sarah Posted by Hello

Emma and her awesome red hair! Posted by Hello

Boyfriend Number 1: Alex Wynne, enjoying the hot tub Posted by Hello

Susan Platt; Queen of Meat Posted by Hello

Old pals are the best; Jen and Jane Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Bursitis, Scrapbooking and knitting


Why can't it be Thursday already. This week is two days young and already I'm anxious for the weekend.
So I haven't written about my shoulder bursitis or the cortisone injection I received last Thursday afternoon. Perhaps that is because I would rather forget it.
Nor have I scribed about my car being towed from my block for apparently "blocking a driveway" and $250 later and a cab ride to a very seedy area in South Philly, I retrieved the car and then proceeded to have a nervous breakdown. Again, not one of my finest moments.
So lets move on.

I've finished the Placket Neck Raglan for Julianna...It's adorable.
I'm plowing through a very cool modular scarf made out of "supermerino" by Art Yarns
I visited the new yarn shop in town, LOOP. It's very pretty with equally pretty yarn. Yum.
Tonight I party on with the Wynne's...
I'm scrapbooking like mad...I've done 8 pages already which equals only our first day in England! This book is going to be MASSIVE

And finally, its the first day of summer and of course, it is getting hot again.
I love humidity.

the cool modular scarf in progress Posted by Hello

Sweater Details Posted by Hello

Another view of the sweater; with Gus of course Posted by Hello

Molly hiding under the coffee table Posted by Hello

Gussy poses with Julianna's new sweater Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 16, 2005

I hate West Coast Road Trips

Dear Phillies

Why? Why can you only score two runs in two games against the lowly Seattle Mariners?
Is it the jet lag? The overwhelming smell of garlic fries wafting through Safeco Field?
Your awe over the retractible roof? Please, someone explain to me how this is happening;because last time I checked the schedule, we have to play the Mets, Red Sox, Braves and Marlins (f'ing fish) in the next few weeks and you are PUTSING around out there.
Come on guys, the All Star Break is fast approaching and we ALL know how you play in August! Let's put some W's in the column and make some ground up...It's a tough division.

Interim Philadelphia area manager
Knitty D

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

My new boyfriend: Justin

Meet my new boyfriend, Justin Vincent Muttreja. Sure there is a 33 year age difference; but who cares. I love him. You all know about my thing for indian men.

Still hot
Still sweating
Phillies lost; Wolfie out for season????

Nothing more of substance to add

Ranu starts Yankee camp young Posted by Hello

Justin is not a fan of the flash Posted by Hello

Little Justin curled up on my boob Posted by Hello

"Jus" with Auntie Bach Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I'm Melting! MELTING!!!!!

okay it is absolutely miserable outside today.
I'm walking to work and literally feeling like I might melt into the sidewalk.
The sun is beating down as if we live on top of the equator and it is only 9am.
I want to go get back in bed with the bagels in the air conditioning and not come out until September.

On the other hand, perhaps it is the heat the is SMOKING my Phillies and making them a contender in June! What is happening? We won 12 of 13 on our homestand. The bats are cracking. The pitching isn't blowing it. Have the planets aligned?

Tonight I get to meet Justin Vincent Muttreja oh and use Carolyn's pool. Yum.
So much for knitting, but it is just too damn hot.

Getting fresh with concrete Posted by Hello

My kickin entrelac scarf at the Giant's Causweay Posted by Hello

I love Guinness more today than yesterday Posted by Hello

Getting some love from a scottish sheep dog Posted by Hello

Mom making a phone call Posted by Hello

Friday, June 10, 2005

some pics

well I've posted some photos from the trip, but honestly there were 773 to choose from! That was tough! Some maybe this is just a start of posting some of them.

Okay it is so god damn humid here I think I might be melting. It wasn't quite raining this morning but the air is so humid it is schfitzing. Thank god for the A/C in the bedroom since Gussy feels the need to lie as close to me as he possibly can.

TGIF! I'm going to get back on track with body hair vigilance today (eyebrows) and pedicure-toes look like they have been walking all over the UK.

Going to get organized for summer knitting this weekend: Currently working on a sock, (fat) Koigu baby sweater. Have to start new project for little Justin this weekend to follow

Off to cure cancer

Knitty D

look kids! Big Ben! Parliment! Posted by Hello

me and mom at Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland Posted by Hello