Monday, July 31, 2006

Cast on Sponsors

I'm putting together a list of people to call when I feel the need to cast on.
You have a simple job---tell me "no." Tell me I need to finish (1) the Clap (2) the North Sea Shawl (3) Mom's Socks (4) Gram's socks (5) Sea Foam Shawl.

Once I FINISH a project, I AM allowed to contemplate another. You must be there to help be delineate between what I should cast on, not what I want to cast on.

Who's in?

Yes, you are my casters-on anonymous sponsors.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Photo Gallery

Gus and the Sea Foam Stole

Black Bunny Lace Weight for you love it?

New Stash Storage Courtesy of the Christmas Tree Shop. Wendy thinks it is just a "What did Maggie eat segment waiting to happen.

So, I got this closes and holds LOTS of yarn. It is also Maggie proof.

Sea Foam Stole #2

Slow Progress on the Feather and F'Anne

New "private collection" Malabrigo I scored in Chadd's Ford. My new winter coat will be focused on this yarn

Finally, my beach/yarn tote...I can't wait for vacation...three weeks from Thursday...

Getting my knit on...

I've dubbed August "I must finish this," month...anyone care to join me? Seriously, I've got to beging working on XMAS projects in ernst in September...not to mention my Fir Cone Shawl in Anne that I can't WAIT to start. So I've decided I've just got to finish the following projects
1. North Sea Shawl...I'm about 12 repeats from finishing repeat a night and I'm done in two weeks...
2. Mom's socks that rock in "Scottish Highland." I am officially a socks that rock convert...note to self, call The Fold tomorrow to order "emerald city." I'm knitting these socks in the peak experience pattern from fiber trends. The yarn is pooling very interestingly...having been to the Scottish Highlands though, I think this sock captures what they really look like, with lochs, greenery, heather and bluebells dotting the landscape. Here is Gus modeling:

3. Clapotis-Again I'm so close I can taste it...just about 6 pattern repeats from finishing. I do love it...and am considering making one in silken straw for Allison...

Gus was really enjoying me draping him in my knitting when it is 90+ degrees out...

4. Seafoam Stole in "Whale of a Skein" from Lobster Pot Yarns. So, for those who listen to the Podcast, you know that Susan GAVE me a skein of her new yarn, "Whale of a skein" which is like a million yards...she asked me to come up with a beginners pattern for a scarf/stole/shawl. So I've decided to use Barbara Walker's Seafoam Pattern and turn it into a stole. I'm enjoying the yarn so much! It has a lovely splits, gorgeous and subtle color gradations. I hope Susan likes it! mom is setting up a lunch with Susan when we are on the Cape! Maybe we can score MORE free yarn! Gus wanted to model with this as well...but blogger continues to give me issues with uploading I think I'll add more in another post...

Saturday, July 29, 2006

My new boyfriend

Meet Hamilton...St Bernard Puppy of Lori and Mike and my new fluffy puppy pal

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Feeling Wicked...

I went to see "Wicked" yesterday in NYC---my first EVER show on Broadway. Sure I've seen shows in Cleveland, Philly, London...but never on Broadway. I think I understand why people pay so much to see shows in New York. What a treat it was...and totally worth the ticket price. It was SO SO AMAZING. I really want to go see "Jersey Boys" now.

Anyway, here are some photos of me, Sus, Sara and Emma and our green monkeys

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Yeah! They are over! Let's celebrate!
(Just kidding Annie and Money! I had a great time at BOTH weddings and am so honored you both chose me to share your special days!)

Anyway, here are some photos from my weekend in Pittsburgh and Annie's Wedding:

Annie, her college roomie Becky and me

Christopher and I get our groove on

Annie and Jeff

Annie, Jeff and me

Becky and her boys, Eric and Michael

Our Wooster Alum Photo; from the class of '94
Terry, Jeff, Becky, Annie, Christopher, Christina

Annie dances with Jeff's dad

Annie and my sister, Allison

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

One bright light for the Philles


Now he will probably suck forever, just like Bobby Abreu. I'm such a true Phillies fan...

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Molly's Eye

...which was really her tooth, is all better...but here is what she looked like during the height of the infection or, after being punched in the eye...

This photo REALLY doesn't do it justice...believe me, it was HUGE...impressive...anitbiotic requiring. Poor tiny Molly.

Ode to Heather

...because she can't get enough of my blog...this one is for you, Boo.

I know I have been slacking off on the blog. What can I blame it on...heat, humidity, nasty neighbors, too much yarn. Nah, let's just call it what it is, laziness.

So, here is what I've been up to:
Koigu Scraps I scored at Knitorama becoming socks

Gus poses with the sock
Yeah, one down, one to go

The North Sea Shawl, 2/3 done!
though I think I'm going to add a few repeats to the center panel
...if Maggie would stop eating the Zephyr!

Finally, my current project; the "simple" shaped shawl I'm desiging for/as a result of class. This is a swatch of Anne that I scored from EBAY. I love the colors. I'm calling my shawl the "Feather and F'anne Half Pi Shawl," I.E. a half circle of feather and fan in Anne. I'm so witty!

Here I've swatched the bottom of the swatch in 5's and the top in 4's. I'm going to go with the fives. I need to consult my sensi (Grace) regarding the numbers at the beginning and incorporating/centering the lace pattern after each repeat...but I SORT OF get it...


Sunday, July 02, 2006


Every July, Heather, Allison and I (and sometimes E money) make the trip to the Pine Barrens of New Jersey and pick blueberries. Lots and lots of blueberries.

This year was no exception; between the three of us, we picked 31 pounds of blueberries (at a rocking price of $1.20 per pound). Here, is the photographic evidence...

To check out the pesticide free, family friendly haven o' berries, go to
Haines Berry Farm

Last Sunday's internal disaster sure did enable lots of storage space in the freezer for booberries.