Monday, May 30, 2005

Castles, Palaces and Enough Plaid to shake a stick at

Today we finally had a port call in Edinburgh, capitol city of Scotland. The sun also FINALLY was out. Mom and I were up at the crack of ass to have breakfast and catch the tenders to our waiting bus to the city. Edinburgh is a fascinating city...very old and gorgeously constructed. We concentrated our short time on the Castle, the Royal Mile and Holyrood Palace. The castle sits HIGH above the city and the views from its vista were breathtaking. Did you know the have a special cemetary for the royal dogs at this castle? We also saw the crown jewels, which were overrated. We then headed down the royal mile, which is frankly a really long hill of gift shops (all selling plaid/tartans) and cafes. The historic stuff was there, but seemed like it was being overtaken by souvenir stands. Finally we made it to Holyrood Palace which was the highlight of the trip. This is where the queen stays when she comes in Edinburgh. It was so neat! There is an old ruin of an abbey attached that was just haunting and gorgeous. We also stolled around the grounds and took many photos of Arthurs seat above us.
But now I'm tired. Tomorrow is our last day at sea (yeah!) and my last chance to play BINGO!
I likely won't be blogging again until the weekend when we are in London.
Couple of things I forgot to mention
Gas here is wicked $4.00 a gallon
We got tickets to see "Billy Elliot:The Musical" on Saturday night. Its supposed to be great.

Until then
Knitty D

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Thank you god for scopalamine patches

I'm telling you, if I didn't have this thing behind my ear that is helping with motion sickness, I would have spend much of the last two days barfing. We are now into the Atlantic Ocean about 300 nautical miles from our next port, South Queensferry (edinburgh). Mom and I can't wait to get off this F***** boat. Don't get us wrong, we've had lots of fun and tried new things like wine tasting and bingo. But I need to put my feet on the ground and WALK A STRAIGHT LINE. This is not possible on this boat. Everyone walks through the corridors and hallways like a bunch of drunkards! But on the other side, I have finished several knitting projects including the feather and fan scarf and a cute little baby hat made out of "candy" by Artful yarns (pattern is on ballband! How clever!) and am almost done with another sock! The other upside is that we have saved a crap load of money by not docking, between the shore excursions and the non existent shopping. We have two guys who take care of us in the dining room, Jose, who we ask for as out waiter as often as we can. He's this cutie from the Phillipines who loves that mom's name is "barbara bach" (like Ringo Stars wife). And then there is Lester, my Jaimacan donut man. They keep us entertained. We are done with bingo.
Tonight we watch Meet the Fokkers and plan for tomorrow's sightseeing in Edinburgh.
Knitty D

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Houston, we have yarn!

So what I forgot to blog yesterday is that we finally found yarn! I'm not talking your run of the mill commercial yarn, but hand spun and dyed in the Highlands of Scotland yarn. We think the hanks are about 125 yards and they cost @ pounds each (ie a little less than $4 US) A total steal!!!!
Our captain (who coincedentally is the same captain we had on last year's Alaskan cruise) has dubbed this cruise "the Irish Sea Cruise" because we have meandered around the Irish sea for two days trying to avoid a storm. We were told this am that we would not be able to stop in Orkney do to high winds (and we would have to tender). So we are down two ports but have managed to save $300 dollars or so on shore trips. So now we are heading straight to Edinbourgh for Monday. Todays see day was full of activies including eating, drinking, sleeping, knitting, a wine tasting class, a spa manicure and OH YES BINGO WHERE I WON $100! Giddyup! Tonight we will watch the maitre'd make a tower of champagne as the ship rocks back and forth. I bet there will be some broken glasses! Tomorrow we will play more bingo.
What a vacation. Thing is I can knit and play bingo at the same time. Now that is what I call multi-tasking; especially when there is a mimosa involved. Mom is hooked again on toasted almond martini's, but has also branched out to gin and tonic and the occasional glass of vino.
We are off to big meat night in the dining room

Knitty D and traveling company Barb "Sheep Lady" Bach

PS Did you know there are 2 million people who live in Scotland and over 20 million sheep!

Friday, May 27, 2005

Hark hear the Highlands calling!

We arrived in Greenock Scotland around 6am this morning. Greenock lies on the River Clyde and is the port for Glasgow, about 15 miles upstream. Today was our tour entitled "The Scottish Experience: Landscapes, Lochs and Sheepdogs," and it was amazing. The only downer was the weather, which may have limited some our of views of the Highlands of Scotland.
We had a most wonderful tour guide who told up stories of Scottish history and sang Scottish folks songs. On the way back to the ship, we acted out the life of Mary Queen of Scots--mom and I were ladies in waiting.
The sheep dogs were just gorgeous and it was nice to get some puppy loving while being away from my love monkeys. Don't worry, we didn't bring anymore animals back to the ship with us.
We had lunch at a lovely hotel with amazing gardens and colors of rhododendron and azalea I had never seen before. We headed then deep into the Highlands, for our cruise on Lake Katrine, home of Rob Roy Macgregor. I bought a most fabu Kilt at the woolen center and a 100% cashmere scarf for a mere 19L. We are exhausted but in love with Scotland and Ireland so.
There is a massive line for computers though, so I'll keep this short for now.
Knitty D

Driving on the Left

For all of you that were anxiously checking the blog to see if mom and I had survived our adventure in Northern Ireland, I apologize for not writing when we returned. But frankly, I was wiped out! The answer then is yes, we survived and had a jolly time.

We were greeted in Belfast by sunny skies and a local band. Mom and I flirted shamelessly with the band members, all of whom have the reddest noses and faced I've ever seen (to much whiskey?). We then hired a taxi to take us to Belfast City Airport to pick up our rental car. Our taxi driver tried hard to have us hire him to take us on our adventure, but we were not tempted--we wanted to do things on our own. We picked up the rental car, which turned out to be a loaded Volvo station wagon with a sunroof, cd player and every possible amenity. We headed out of the city and up the coast. As we made our way up the hills that tower over the city along the coastline we were awestruck by its beauty. We saw cute little villages throughout the drive and more sheep then I ever could have imagined. For miles around they dot the hillside and even venture close to the roadway. There also also cattle galore.

We made our way through towns called carrick-fergus, Glenarm and Ballycastle, all on our venture to the Giant's Causeway. This was a truly magnificent site (now I know why it is listed in the book, 1000 Places to See Before You Die) . We decided to walk down to the causeway, which is about a mile because the bus (the ONE bus) that ran from the visitors center to the causeway was packed. The walk (down) was lovely, with magical vistas of amazing rock formations jutting out into the sea. On our right were amazing tall cliffs towering over the shore.
The causway itself is made up of hexagon shaped steps out of the sea made of basalt from when this area of Ireland was a volcano. It was truly amazing.
We then trecked back up (yes uphill, both ways barefoot) with a couple of rest breaks along the way. It was quite a workout and my buttocks are becoming more and more sublime everyday.
We then headed back to the car, and to Carrick-a-rede to see the amazing rope bridge. I stress the word SEE the rope bridge because I frankly didn't have the strength (or the kahunas) to make the walk to it and most likely would have chickened out when I got to it anyway. We met a lovely American Cubs Fan working in the tea room who had moved with her husband to Northern Ireland to see if they could make a living. We stopped at ruins of castles along the way back to Belfast, all along this beautiful shoreway with most amazing vistas. The pictures will speak better I think.
So, all in all, no problems with driving and a lovely day. We have just docked in Greenock, Scotland (which looks lovely) and they will have a piper to greet us. Today is our "Scottish Experience Tour: We are driving to some Loch for a cruise and then seeing a sheepdog demonstration followed by a visit to the scottish woolen center (yum). I will say, for the the sheep there are here, this is no YARN to be had. Just lovely, mostly woven scarfs and jumpers.
I'll write more later
Knitty D

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The sea is even MORE angry this day!

So angry we couldn't safely tender to Holyhead, Wales, so the port day was scrapped. Oh well, we love Great Britain so much, we will come back again and do Wales another time.

So we are passing the day away at sea. Currently, our ship is involved in a rescue of some wayward yachtsman. Despite the gale force winds and fog, the deck is packed with folks hoping to get a look sea. It's just like a car accident on the sure-kill expressway. So we played BINGO this morning. I, of course, was the youngest person there...and we didn't win; but we will likely go back for more this afternoon. Tomorrow is our adventure day in Belfast with the rental car---say a little prayer.

Of interesting note, Bruce Springsteen was playing Dublin last evening; sadly it was sold out.
We can also watch the French Open LIVE from our cabin and we have revisited our purchases and had a fashion show of Irish woolens. We have also made special friends with the "pastry waiter" from Jamaica who calls us "his ladies." The captain is making an announcement; sadly we've been stood down for the rescue, but the yacht did sink. Pity! No rescue 'copter either!

So that is all for Wednesday. Keep you fingers crossed for a BINGO pay off this afternoon.

C and M

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Guinness--Its good for you

Well if it is Tuesday, it must be Dublin. We started off the day with a tour to Malahide Castle, which is north of the city proper. The castle was quite lovely an it's grounds were so amazingly green! There was a great deal of period furniture in the castle and lots of Italian marble. Sadly, we weren't allowed to photograph anything inside the castle. We then hopped back on the coach for a trip to Malahide town where we had traditional Irish Coffee in a pub called Gibneys. Now, I'm a drinker, and I've been known to throw back a few in my days, but this was strong beyond my likely/ability! The pubs are so lively and quaint. And there are SOOOOO many of them.

We then headed into Dublin city. Mom and I were both a bit disappointed by Dublin. It was VERY crowded and the traffic was unbelievable. I was almost killed by a guy on a Vespa and I tell you, I was afraid to cross streets. We headed for the safety of the City Tour on the double decker bus. We saw Dublin Castle, Christ Church Cathedral, St Patricks cathedral and of course the Guinness factory/storehouse. Guinness takes up a most impressive expanse of land in the city and has also be responsible for restoring some of the city's green spaces (which by the way are few and far between). However, the flower boxes were numerous and gorgeous in every building...trinket shop to pub.

We got some GORGEOUS Irish/Aran sweaters (which I will never knit for myself) and other fun woolen extravaganzas. We got a decent exchange rate with the Euro and did fairly well with the local currency.
We leave tonight at 11 to cross the Irish Sea to Holyhead, Wales where we will tour Caernefon Castle and the Snowdonia Mountains.

More to follow

C and B

Monday, May 23, 2005


Mom rocked the slots again...this time raking in $181 out of her mere $20 investment. She has a special relationship with this particular machine and for some reason I don't think that is the last visit she'll make to the casino this trip.


The Sea was angry that day my friends...

Forward to Dublin, the ship is rocking and rolling. We have now entered the Irish Sea, having gone around Lands End around 10am this morning. Mom and I of course were in the hot tub at that time. We've had an eventful day of relaxing. We got up early for B-fast in the dining room; returned to our room to change for our soak. Sat up on deck for a bit, napped and now just finished a wine tasting followed by high tea--YUM! We loved the vino...we got free glasses and mom managed to funnel three extras out of the other people at our table! We met a lovely couple from Massillon Ohio and we spent much time talking about Ohio, (wooster specifically). The ship is I'd say 85% Americans. Many folks are spending their days getting over their jet lag. Mom and I seem to be doing well in that department. Tonight we are bagging formal night in favor of the buffet and then the Martini bar. We have to be up early for our 845 tour to Malahide Castle and Irish Pub. Then we plan on doing a double decker bus tour around Dublin and of course going to the Guiness Storehouse. Jenni Rocket; you would have been SO proud of me at the wine tasting. And Annie, I have a bulgarian love slave (ie assistant waiter) with that eastern european lalala; his name is Diyon. On the knitting front, I finished one sock and started another. Mom and I can't wait to see the Aran sweater delights in Dublin tomorrow.
Love to all

Knitty D

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Cherrio from Jolly Old England!

We have arrived in England! Mom and I had an uneventful overnight flight from Philly where we both slept about 2 hours. Exhausted, we had to wait in line for >30 mins to go through Passport control and the customs after which we were met by dear friends Stephen and Eddie for our 2 hours drive "to the sea" where they live (in Sussex county). I mut admit, at first I was a bit put off by the driving on the wrong side of the road, but it seems to make a bit more sense now. The roads as you get further from London are so narrow! But Eddie is a terrific driver and Stephen an equally fabulous tour guide. After a meal of typically English food including meat pie, potatoes and salad, we were off to see a bit of the English countryside. We drove to see "the downs," (hills) as well as saw a most beautiful little church in the middle of a tiny little town called Singleton as well as Chichester cathedral and Arundel Castle and Cathedral. There is so much history here and the architecture is spectacular.
We then made our way back to Stephen and Eddie's where I laster until 7:30 pm and hit the sack. I slept 12 hours and woke ready to head to Southampton to meet our cruise ship, the Golden Princess. Everything went smoothly and we got on board and to our state room without incident; our luggage was even already there waiting for us! So now we've unpacked, had our muster (ie lifeboat) drill and have set sail for Dublin Ireland. We just passed the Queen Mary II which also will be setting sail for New York City this evening.
Our room is lovely; the mini-suite fantastic. We have an "entertainment" area where we have stored our yarn and travel books. We also have a great choice of movies to watch while at sea.
That's all for day one! Keep in touch!
Knitty D and Travel Companion "Barbie"

Friday, May 20, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me!

Bon Voyage!

Mom and I leave exactly 12 hours from now! OH MY GOD! Of course, today is the first day it has rained the ENTIRE MONTH of May!
I'm happy to report I got ALL my goodies in ONE bag, including several knitted extravaganza's including my pie shawl, the entrelac scarf and my cork life saver scarf. I packed the yarn in the front pockets of my suitcase. It's ready to travel!

On another note, yesterday was our awesome surprise baby shower luau for Carolyn. I think it was the first time in my life I actually pulled off a surprise without spilling the beans.
See photos of Car with "Circle of Friends" baby blanket, knitted by Trish, Nicole, Heather, Elizabeth and Knitty D.

More to follow from across the pond.

Knitty D

Car was all smiles Posted by Hello

Car with blanket Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Happy Birthday to Carolyn!

Happy Birthday sister of oncology social work and mother of gazpacho.
Can't wait to go to POD today for lunch. Hopefully there will be no SW emergencies and we CAN go as planned.

So, sock number 2 is DONE and fabulous...will photograph tonight. I can't wait to have warm toasty feet on the plane...though Car did inform me that on British Airways you get a little care package with slippers, an eyemask and a special.

So now I'm plugging away at another sock (that I started...last embarassing) and the scarf...which I should easily finish in time for the day in Wales (next Wednesday) when we visit Carnefvon Castle (where Prince Charles became Prince of Wales) and Snowdonia Mountains.

At work EARLY this morning...even though a SEPTA bus DROVE RIGHT BY ME and the 11 other people at the bus stop and there was PLENTY of room for us! Butt head.
Maggie has no destroyed two flip flops (different pairs of course) and seems to enjoy chewing plastic and spitting it out in little trails all over the house. Hopefully she will enjoy her toy at CAMP ie the Joy House with grandpa...maybe he will whip her into shape...then again, maybe not.

I'm so jazzed because tonight is the finale of America's Next Top Model. My money is on Kalen even though I really want Naima to win. What am I going to do with no reality TV all summer.
Withdrawal is setting in

knitty D

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Presents ROCK!

Last night, I celebrated my birthday with the posse. You guys, it was so awesome. I had the best time! Thank you SOOOOOOOOO much for making it so special.

I may be moved NOT to write more than that, BUT I have to give a special ode to Allison, who gave me Hello Kitty Haiku Postcards. These are the funniest damn things I have EVER seen. So, if you receive them in the mail, thank Ms. Kelsey for feeding my now relatively unhealthy Hello Kitty obsession. See pics below.

More later...
Knitty D

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Shannie, Me and Patty Posted by Hello

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Susie gets crazy Posted by Hello

Carolyn, Gaspacho, Me and Heather Posted by Hello

Me with my Hello Kitty Haiku postcards Posted by Hello

Susie acts and looks 12 Posted by Hello

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Me and Kelsey at our favorite jaunt, the Lakeside Chinese Deli Posted by Hello

Monday, May 16, 2005

the phantic gets some action Posted by Hello

me and Jen Posted by Hello

my first time seeing Junior play Posted by Hello

Maggie; no longer a puppy, but becoming a DOG Posted by Hello

I love Pat Burrell Posted by Hello

Maggie and Gus; ass to ass on the chofa Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 15, 2005


Yes, its true, the Phillies actually won a ballgame today. Don't get me wrong, they tried hard to lose it in the top of the ninth with a 4-1 lead. They had their ace, Billy Wagner, on the mound. For god's sake the guy had a 0.59 era going into the game. Sure, he gives up a hit and a walk and a stolen base and the Reds get close, scoring two runs. But Billy the kid came through and the Phils won 4-3.

See pics of me and Jen, phanatic and field. Jen and I called it the menopause game because at one moment, we were cold (sky overcast and wind blowing) and then literally four minutes later it was sunny and we were roasting. I have spied the greatest thing at the ball park though which I must purchase at my next game; it's a Phanatic Foam Hat. It's a riot and I can't wait to get it. (Notice held restraint today as said Foam Hat is $32 and I am traveling Friday).

Its also bloody humid today. First taste of stickiness for the summer. Socks have proven to be good to knit as really do not add to overall body discomfort in the heat.

Nothing else in any way shape or form exciting today. Tomorrow is my birthday dinner at Lakeside with the posse.

PS Having photo problems...only seems to want to work from HUP so will upload in am

Knitty D

Fresh as a Carolina Pine Forest

You know how sometimes when you clean you house, it just is so rewarding because it SMELLS good...not because it looks better, or there is less clutter or you took out the trash. It just SMELLS clean. This is how my house smells today. Like Butta. The sad part of this whole thing though is that I cleaned for a solid two +++ hours and only got through the bathroom and the first floor. This is a whole lot of house to clean. But to save face I also did 7000 loads of laundry today.

Heather and I went to the DMV and learned we are really happy that we are not South Philly White Trash. Thank god for small miracles.

I am SO ready to start packing...6 more days. I am plowing through the second sock and think I will likely finish it in the next couple of days. I can't wait to wear them on the plane.

Apparently, I also won a raffle that I entered one night at knitting circle...I feel good karma coming on.

By the way, latest score, Christina 5; Mice 0.

The phillies are currently getting the butts kicked. I'm going to the game tomorrow so I can see the carnage in person. Too bad I don't have the kahunas to knit DURING the game. It would be like the time Allison was reading a book at old Cleveland Stadium when someone (sorry dad I don't remember) hit a grand salami.

Another shout out to my sister who graduates with her JD on Monday.

Knitty D

Friday, May 13, 2005


My sister rocks! Congrats Allison Bach, JD, passer of the bar exam ON THE FIRST TRY!

I'm also happy that we won't have to go through that again...I've never experienced such mood swings!

That was a great way to start a Friday...even though it is Friday the 13th.

AndI didn't even get to go to Lombardi's last night (friend emergency) but was able to completely chow down on half the menu from Vientiane and hang out with my girls, Heather, Andrea and Jess. It was a rocking even, full of reality tv. Heather and I are totally psyched for the finale of Show Dog Moms and Dads...if only to see the gay couples "shopping trip in Philadelphia."

So my fingers are SO much better and I am knitting again. I got much of sock number 2 done yesterday...I'm just about ready to do the heal maybe I will be wearing them on the plane next Friday? We shall see.

I can't believe it is only one week away! I'm totally coasting at work...somewhat mentally checked out already and gloating everytime I tell someone where we are going.

Kudos to Barbie for getting her International Driver's License and a map of Northern Ireland for us. Let the games begin!

Knitty D

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Last meal at Lombardi's

Tonight, is our last meal at my favorite pizza place in town, Lombardi's. To make way for YET ANOTHER high rise of over priced, poorly constructed condo's just off Rittenhouse square, Lombardi's and the three other businesses that occupy that corner of 18th Street are being tonight, we go for one last pizza...and to toast one of fav joints.
Now we have to go to New York City if we want Lombardi's...yet another thing that Manhattan has that Philly doesn't.

My hand is wicked better...I'm very pleased with the progress! Thank you Louis Pasteur for antibiotics...otherwise it might be like that episode of Little House of the Prairie when Ma gets a wicked cut on her leg and almost ends up amputating it (because the bible gives her the strength to do so)!

So mom and I have decided to go HARDCORE in Northern Ireland, rent a car and drive up the Antrim Coast to Giant's Causeway...yes I am going to drive! On the left side of the road! GIDDYUP. We are practicing for when we get the call from CBS to be on the Amazing Race. I tell you with my sense of direction, we would do kicking!

My yarn is staring at me...knit me...knit me it says.
I'll be there soon baby!

Knitty D

PS I've changed the settings on the blog so you can comment without being a blogspot member! So get to work!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Knitting Hiatus

I'm officially on hiatus. The dog bite exploded into a huge infectious monstrosity (ie cellulitis) on Tuesday. I'm now on TWO antibiotics and the hugh splint is even larger and must be worn at all time except when soaking said hand in warm water....and typing blog update. So I think there is no way the both the scarf and the sock will be done before next Friday's departure. Sniff Sniff. I took stock this morning and (re)discovered a few candidates for my runs through the English/Scottish/Irish countrysides. But Lord, what am I going to do ALL NIGHT LONG with no yarn to lovingly finger and mold into something fabulous?

Cujo (ie Molly) is officially forgiven. We actually had a moment last night where all three were eating their respective greenies and no fight insued. I'm glad to know I won't necessarily need to detox Molly off of the beagle crack cocaine she so adores.

Congrats to my dear Rachel and her new addition, Abigail. I hope she adores her blanket knit with much love by her aunties. I hope to get a pic to post of the baby with the blanket soon.

Speaking of photos, I've posted another of my dear Jenni and Jules, modeling the oh so cute striped hat.

I'm off to solve the social problems of the world...

Knitty D

Jenni and Jules...what a great hat Posted by Hello

I am neither impatient or a picky eater

Those words can be attributed to my father, Little Petey, as he has successfully manipulated me out of going to POD (my favorite restaurant) for MY birthday. Like I said earlier dad, kiss your Ipod and Spamalot tickets goodbye. I understand Dad that YOU don't like Pan-Asian Cuisine; but it is MY birthday. So I will not be eating Kreme and Kone with you for YOUR birthday. Maybe MCDonalds...

There it passed.

My fingers are nasty looking but starting to feel a little better 24 hours after the incident.
Molly has been renamed; Cujo. Aunt Trish prefers to call her "mollyjo." I think that might be too easy. If I remove the bandages I CAN knit. Of course I realized that I over decreased at some point in the feather and fan scarf and had to rip out today; but I think ripping out your knitting is just as important as those first 1000 stitches that you make. You have to be willing to go back and do it again, because lord knows if you don't you will just keep looking at the exact same place in whatever garment you are making saying, "look at the mistake I made."

Maggie continues to amaze me as she grows up into a dog. Friday she will be eight months old. Her new favorite past time is sitting on the couch in the lounge and looking out onto the world that is 46th Street. She will do this for hours at a time. It seems to have eased up some of the chewing. It must be calming for her.

I could write volumes about the goodness of mint oreos, but I won't.

Knitty D

Monday, May 09, 2005

an eventful day

Christina 3
Mice 0

Molly 1
Christina 0

So I can't believe I have caught 3 mice in one day. I am buying stock in whomever it is that makes glue traps. I thought little Petey might die when I told him the mice didn't die and that I had to sufficate them by putting them in plastic bags. What is even more funny is me picking up the glue traps with kitchen tongs.

Of course, I am a gimp...but not gimpy enough to type. I'm a gimp because Molly bit me. Trying to break up a fight between Mols and Gus, I took one for the team. See photos...three hours, three xrays and a splint later, I've got three puncture wounds, lots of bruising and some swelling... and a ten day course of antibiotics. Thanks Mols.

Im afraid though that this injury may keep me from my knitting goals!!! What is a knitter to do???

Sunday, May 08, 2005

the bandages...look at those nails! Posted by Hello

the bites...thanks molly Posted by Hello

another one bites the dust

got another mouse....

If only the cubs could have made a couple more errors, the Phillies would totally HAVE WON today

Christina 1; mice O

God I think I might love glue traps. Having strategically placed them throughout the kitchen and back porch, I've already caught 1 mouse. Bring it on bitches! You will be mine!

So its Sunday and I'm still feeling like ass. Perhaps if I could actually sleep AFTER having taken BOTH robitussin WITH codiene and THEN an AMBIEN in the middle of the night...but NO. My body wants to hack ALL NIGHT LONG.

Happy Mother's Day momala...though you already got a song today. My beagles have said happiest of happy to me my snuggling BIG TIME and wrestling outside. Gus also took in some sunbathing out back; much to Maggie's chagrin...she wanted to play. Needless to say much howling insued.

Knitting update---sock one is done! Yeah! And sock two is started! Yeah! Maybe I'll be able to wear them on the plane! They came out a little big, but are so damn comfy! Next pair I will go down to size 2 needles. I also went into a panic because Maggie ate the korchoran scarf; which was/is my favorite and I had dreams of wearing it all around the English, Scottish and Irish countryside. I decided I had to have another scarf of equal"ish" beauty to take with. I dove into the stash and uncovered this gorgeous Fiesta Yarn called WaterMark; the colorway is "sandstone" and it could not look more lovely or be more my colors. The pattern is a simple feather and fan from "little box of scarfs-" the same patten I used for the korchoran. So I must finish this and the remaining sock in the next 12 days. I can do it.

I watched all three of my netflix movies this weekend...I guess this is what you do when you are sick. That and weed wack the entire front yard and do a ton of planting. Anyway, my siskel and ebert moment of the day
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. Hated it.
Closer. I would be EMBARRASED to watch this movie with my mother. Clive Owen and Jude Law are really hot. Very hyper-sexual. It bordered on soft core porn with NO nudity. It was ok.
Finding Neverland. Magical, lovely. Use your imagination. Johnny Depp is a god.

Going to see now if Phillies can win three in a row (FAT CHANCE) against the wayward Cubs.

Knitty D

Happy Birthday Rocket! on you first mother's day as a mama, I hope you have a lovely day!

This is the new scarf in progress...I think it is hot. Posted by Hello

Maggie enjoys a snuggle with Grandma's homemade blanket Posted by Hello

Told you I would finish it! Posted by Hello

Gus Models with my almost finished scarf Posted by Hello

Friday, May 06, 2005

Yeah pictures!

Figured out how to post pics! Yeah!
Yes its an incredibly busy day here at the HUP!

Gus naps with my korchoran scarf Posted by Hello