Friday, September 02, 2005


Re Tiny Molly
Her CBC came back normal. The only abnormality continues to be one of her liver enzymes; alk phos, which is elevated (and getting worse based on other labs done last year). So the next step is for me to someone collect her first urine of the morning (stop laughing) for a cortisol-creatinine test and then an ultrasound to see if there is anything in/around her liver and adrenals. She's very smiley tonight and seems to be holding her own.

Re New Orleans
So I really want to go. We got an email today at HUP re mobilizing a team of HUP workers to head down, probably starting late next week for two week stints. Then came the kicker, we have to take vacation (some vacation) or UNPAID leave to go. 1) I will need my already scheduled October vacation when I return. 2) I have 650 hours of sick time accrued that I will not get to use EVER. To the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center Department of Human Resources, let your skilled healthcare employees go where they are needed and help in this national disaster. Don't punish us by making us take unpaid leave. I promise you we will be working our hearts and asses off and putting a great face forward for the health system, something I'm sure US News and Worlds Reports would like lots when its naming its top hospitals. For gods sake I'm specially trained in end of life care and bereavement! LET ME GO! PAY ME MY MONEY! (It's not like you are paying me that much!!!!!)

Re beagles
Mom and Dad have already volunteered to take said dogs should I go to New Orleans

Re Donations
Have you yet????? Because if not, I'm starting a "send Christina, kickin relief worker, to New Orleans" fund.

Re Harry Connick
I have ALWAYS loved that man. For the look, the crooning and now for his tremendous heart.

Re Roger Federer and the US Open

Re the Phillies
I will be holding my breath about this team until October. Go phils...visualize October baseball

I continue to clean sweep...tonight I worked on about half of the lounge, finally getting rid of all my VCR tapes (donating) and other junk (three more trash bags). Tomorrow I conquer the scrapbooking desk and the rest of the lounge (including all those cd's) and Monday its the porch. The house gets appraised for my refinance on Wednesday.

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