Monday, April 20, 2009

6 months of blog-cation...I'm BACK!

I don't really know what it was...but I clearly needed a blog break. To quote my friends Greenie and Golic, "we are back and better than ever."

It has been 6 months to the day since my last entry. Honestly, I was missing Knitty Delicious and looking for a way to reconnect with her (me). So I've decided to return to that which I know and am comfortable with. I'm toying around with a new name, new host, new layout (WENDY can be so helpful with this)...but for now, we will stick to that which we know.

So, update...We are fine.
Here are the babies

We joined the Chester Ave Dog Park in February. We have really been enjoying our romps and meeting new friends (furry and human). Despite Finn tipping the scales at 67lbs, he has been "attacked" a few times by his nemesis, Ella, a yellow lab with the longest legs I've ever seen. On the positive side, Maggie has transformed from a nervous nelly to a confident, interested and still a bit nervous lady. She is very popular at the dog park, especially with her friend Lou, the "Jug" (Jack Russell/Pug). Gus just bides his visits to the park rolling in the dirt and making himself filthy.

Gus and Finn continue to do their therapy dog work with me. We branched out recently and did a program at CHOP for kids with CP and autism spectrum disorders. We also visited a nursing home! The scope and range of need at these different settings in remarkable...and everytime, the dog brings out the person.

I've been knitting and sewing and quilting...perhaps the blog should be called "Crafty Delicious?"

Well the quilting is brand new...Trish and I are taking "private" lessons with Ilana at Spool. We are making Amy Butler's "Brick Path Quilt"

This pattern is available free at Amy's website

Our first class consisted of lots and lots of cutting. Now we are charged with "arranging our squares in a pleasing manner." Here is what I've come up with so far

I think the actual product is going to end up being about 12 squares by 12 squares. Trish and I will be working on final layouts at my office next Monday, as neither of us has enough space to make the whole thing come to life in our homes.

What else...I visited with Robin and Ronnen in San Francisco in February and went to Stitches West. It was awesome and likely to become a yearly ritual. It was my first trip to California and I loved it...if only (1) the ground didn't shake and (2) there weren't SO many states between Massachusetts and California...I would totally relocate!

And, we Bach's added to our beagle-brood. Please help me welcome Barclay Mckee Henry Bach. Barclay was adopted from the Penn Vet 3rd year surgery lab. He's had a few procedures and contributed to the education of future vets. Now he has "retired" to the Joy House and lovely Cape Cod. He is bonding with his parents (Little Petey and Barb) and his sibs, Luther and Rory. He discovers new things every day and has a special affinity for toys, the outdoors and dog beds.

Me and Mr. B...
So all in all...that is what is up with me...we will see how things unfold with resuming Knitty Delicious...