Monday, October 20, 2008

The Elusive Beagle-o-Saurus

Press Release
Malvern, PA.

Beagle-saurus cited at Beaglefest.

Gus Bach, formerly known as the "King of Beagles" and "Rockstar Therapy Dog," was cited transforming into the elusive beaglesaurus yesterday at the infamous event, Beaglefest.

No one was harmed in the transformation to beagle-o-saurus, but some were said to be freightened by his "heinous bark/howl."

Gus was not available for comments, other than:

We attempted to reach the Bach Beagles for comment after Beaglefest; this is what we found-



Monday, October 06, 2008


OMG. I am beside myself. I can't believe the Phillies are going to the NLCS!

I actually got to go to game 2 last Thursday evening. It was THE MOST AMAZING GAME I have ever been to.

Then on Saturday, we went to Chickie and Pete's to watch the game, with our favorite side dish; CRAB FRIES!
Even Gabriel joined in the fun

Yes there was a lot of face painting. And yes, we had to wait until Sunday for the Phils to end the Brewers season...and Sunday was awesome! Here's to Pat "the bat" Burrell and his two long balls.

So I say, BRING ON MANNY and the DODGERS!!!

I love October baseball

Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Lady Maggie!


Happy 4th Birthday lovely girl!  Thanks to BREW (as always) for bringing her to me.  Unlike most folks, I know from the lab paperwork that this is Maggie's actual, real birthday!


Cape Cod 2007-2 008

Maggie and Luther have a special bond.  We call them "the old married couple."  Here they are playing tug'o'war.

beagles 005 

Maggie is an excellent snuggler.  She will even wrap herself up tight and snuggle herself!!


Maggie also loves her brothers, Finney and Gus (in the back)


Enjoy your special day baby girl!!!




Friday, September 05, 2008

Return of the YARN SLUT

Yes, the yarn slut has reared her "ugly" head.

In an apparent "F-You" to sewing, I've become obsessed with knitting again. The problem continues to be my inability to finish projects and my affinity for starting new ones.

Currently on needles:
"Seraphim" by Miriam Felton in Lorna's Laces Helen's Lace
"Lace Ribbon Scarf" by Koigu Mouri
"February Lady Sweater" in Berroco Ultra Merino
"Lacey Bell Pullover" in some Cherry Tree Hill yarn (I bought this at least 5 years ago)
"Entrelac Extravaganza Stole" in Kureyon
"Kimono Shawl" in Anne...

I need and intervention.

So, just like any other sane knitter, I bought more yarn...
(in my defense I hadn't bought yarn in a long time...)

I bought Berroco Ultra Alpaca for the "Foliage Shawl" also from Miriam Felton.
I bought some Manos silk blend for a scarf I found on ravelry.
I bought some O-Wool for ANOTHER scarf I found on ravelry.

And today, the piece d'resistance...I noticed my friends at Blue Moon are dying Pucks Mischief STR again...I've been following from a distance the Charlotte's Web KAL in STR. Like my friend Wendy, I wanted to make this shawl in one colorway of a varigated yarn. So I bought 3 skeins of STR lightweight in all time fave STR colorway

Now I just have to figure out that pattern.

And stitches is just two months away...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

My new puter

I got a bran new computer today and it has this funky link to write blogs I'm giving it a try.  Dad and I also just did our first web cam enabled chat, however we were not able to hear each other.  I did see Rory and Luther and up dad's nose though.  We will figure the sound out soon enough. 

Why a new 'puter?  Well, my laptop is still very functional, but maxed out completely between Itunes and photos and other programs (it has a very small hard-drive).  Plus, with teaching at Temple again and course development projects I'm working on for Penn Vet and Sp2, it was time to upgrade to a home base desktop computer with oodles of storage.  I'll still use the laptop for what it is for, portability. 

I also got the 22inch monitor which is really unreal.

Well that is it for now...Jen, Cesi and Julianna are visiting and we are heading to the Continental Midtown for early dinner.  More as I discover cool crap on the new 'puter.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Finney!!! Happy Birthday Rory!!!

It is hard to believe, but the moose-ox is 1 year old today!!!
Happy Birthday Finney! And Happy Birthday to your sister Rory too!
You have changed my life in so many ways sweetie and I love you and your antics very, STOP EATING THINGS!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Vacation...all I ever wanted

I've been "on Cape" for the last week or so...enjoying the summer, salty breezes and working my tail off at the bed and breakfast. Mom was away last weekend, so "chef Christina" was on duty. Dad and I worked great together and kept the inn ship shape.

Rory enjoys helping with the dishes :

We had a few days off with no guests earlier this week, so mom and I took a day trip to Newport, Rhode Island to look at rich people's homes.

We started off at the Breakers, summer home to the Vanderbilts way back in the early 1900's. The home is spectacular, with huge vistas looking out over the ocean. The inside covered in gilded everything...with amazing paintings and the most awesome bathtubs, all cut from a single piece of marble, that I've ever seen. Sadly, you are not permitted to take photos inside; but here are a few of the outside...

Oh, how the other half lives... Next we headed to Rosecliff. We were thrilled to discover that this is the only air conditioned mansion in Newport (it was a very humid day). Our tour guide was 102 years old and the stories he was relaying to us about the mansion were so engrained in his head, that when he got thrown off subject, he completely forgot where he was or what he was saying. Rosecliff is the only mansion that can be rented out by us commoners for events like weddings...starting at around $10,000 (just for the building!). It was more manageable than the Breakers and easier to imagine people actually living in. Most gorgeous though, the reminded me of English gardens, though on a much smaller scale.

Next we headed to the Green Animals Topiary Garden. Now this was the garden I'd been hoping to see since touring the gardens of Hever Castle, Powerscourt (Ireland) and the Isle of Skye. The best part though, the amazing topiary figures of animals, chairs, policemen and more.

And that was just the topiaries! Then there were the flowers...the gardens included periennials, a dahlia garden, a rose gardens and a cutting garden.

It was a lovely way to end our day in Newport. We are planning to return at Christmas time to tour Marble House and the Elms, when they are all decorated for the holidays.

I've been sewing (made 1 skirt and two aprons so far) and mom and I went to a quilt show the other day. I'm going to post about those exploits on the "new" Philly sewing blog, "Feeddoggle" started by my pal Kathy (

I FINALLY finished reading "Confederates in the Attic" and have now started reading "The Labrador Pact."

And, after 12 years, I went to the eye doctor. And...I got glasses. For all close work. I am a GOMER!!!

I'm here for another week, but starting my continuing ed classes on Monday and in the back of my mind, I know I need to work on my syllabus as I start teaching again one month from today...but there is so much more knitting and sewing to do.

Oh my goodness I didn't even mention the animals!!!!

Here, we have small, medium and large:

Rory, Gus and Finney

The dogs are having an awesome time together...they are such a pack!

And Thursday evening, we went to the turtle races...

Dad's turtle, Mr. Slowsky (number 7) won a prize for coming in last place!!!

As you can see, the days (and nights) are just packed!