Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Mood Changes

It's been a fairly eventful morning and it isn't even 930 yet!

To start the day off, the fastener on my pants broke (after I got to work) and they are now held on with a paper clip. This works surprisingly well.

One of my nurse practitioners COMPLETELY wigged out last night and this morning and left me messages in the middle of the night about things she forgot to tell me during the day. I just got done talking her off the roof.

Maggie left the carcass of some sort of large bug (about the size of my thumb) on the hallway floor. It was gross.

Dear Eagles, 15-1 is a FINE record. It was an UGLY game last night.

I think I am over my sweater angst. The bottom line is it is gorgeous regardless of what Allison thinks about the stripes. My Koigu sweater is similar and looks amazing on me.
I swatched last night for the drawstring baby pants. I still knit tight with cotton blends. So I'm up on an 8 with the Rowan Calmer. The yarn is super soft...will start the seed stitch extravaganza tonight...

Apparently Luther sits at the kitchen table with my parents while they eat breakfast. In his own chair. I told my mom to put a napkin in his collar and take a photo. Hopefully I will have the evidence to post of this debacle soon.

Finally, I hope today will be the LAST 90 degree day of the season. For god's sake, Stitches is next weekend. How is a girl supposed to be motivated to look at acres of wool when it is this warm out????

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