Sunday, January 27, 2008


Last night, Ellen's dad "dosed" me with an unreal cup of coffee around 7pm.
Usually drinking 1 cup of coffee this late in the evening doesn't have much if any effect on me.
This time, I was up until 2:30am.

With boundless energy, I went stash diving (again) organizing all the KPPPM (Koigu) into 3 different bins, 1 for colorways of which I have multiple skeins, 1 for single skeins and one for leftovers and mill-ends.

Then, came the UFO's.

When mom and I were organizing last week, I made a special bin for these poor souls---figuring I would get through them eventually and decide just what to do. Who would have known it would be just one week later that eventually was upon me. Lovingly I went through, rebagged and labeled all of the projects. In conjunction with the previous list, I am in trouble. So, here it is:

  • Dale of Norway Rectanle Shawl in Koigu- about 5% done
  • Koigu Technicolor Dream Scarf (more about this later)
  • Maude (also in Koigu and as most of you know, the bane of my existence)-maybe 70% complete!
  • Koigu (do I sense a theme) baby sweater I started for Timmy Wynne (oh, he is three now)-the back is done, it's a pattern I worked hard to get from those cranky ladies at String in NYC many years ago...
  • Cherry Tree Hill Sweater; Trish and I worked hard to get this yarn--the pattern was in Interweave maybe 3 years ago...must find again...anyway, the yarn was nearly impossible to find after they published the magazine. Trish wore hers last week and I remembered how lovely it was...could bring me back to the dark side (knitting sweaters)
  • Several Pairs of Socks now living together in a bag marked "Second Sock Syndrome Victims."
  • Matinee Coat from Debbie Bliss; Robin made this for her niece years ago and I loved it. I figured someday someone would have a girl...the back is done and I've got babies coming...
  • Speaking of unfinished baby gifts...I have a completly knitted Mission Falls Cotton Baby Sweater that ONLY NEEDS FINISHING...some child is going to be wearing that next fall!
  • Fall Colors Striped Scarf in Frog Tree Alpaca; its very preppy...
  • Spiral Rib Hat in Noro Silver Thaw; one of my favorite all time patterns, I clearly started this with good intentions...
  • Kimono Shawl in Anne...I started this in Cape Cod 15 mths ago and am already 2 repeats into should I abandon the Blue Moon one (maybe 6 garter rows into it) and save that delicious yarn for something else...I think so!
  • At least 3 other scarves

By the time I completed this, I had only 2 hours left to listen too of "Atonement" which I started before Christmas and was completely obsessed with it was time to knit. I picked up the Koigu Technicolor dream scarf. Basically I'm knitting a long, 15 inch wide strip in about 70 different colors...well I'll knit the 15 inch wide strip for a while, then pick up stitches and knit horizontal rows for a while, then maybe add on another vertical strip...who knows...the mill ends are great for this project and I truly feel it will be a piece of art when done.

I also made a little progress on the "Hex Afghan" this weekend and my little sockies, which I tried on last night and I LOVE THEM!!!

Finally at 1am, I retreated to the bedroom. I decided to clean all of my silver jewelry at that time and watched the revamped Trading Spaces (welcome back Paige Davis!)

This evening I inventoried all the yarn that I'm planning to list on ebay. The list is 13 pages long...I'll post when I'm get it all up...but there is some nice stuff...

Okay it's 9:35 pm and I still haven't had dinner. "Breaking Bad" is on at 10, so I think it's time to watch/eat/knit.

Oh and I finished "Atonement" and I loved must see movie.

Friday, January 25, 2008

And now, for my next trick...

So now that I have gone through all the yarn and have a better sense of just what I have, I've made a list of this year's to do list of projects and here is the kicker...I don't need to buy ANY yarn.

1) Hex Afghan from Knitting Nature: Yarn Nashua Creative Focus Worsted
2) Manos Four Seasons Afghan (Fall): Manos
3) Kilkenny Cable Shawl from Folk Shawls: Black Water Abbey
4) Baby Gifts for Heather
5) Baby Gift for Carolyn
6) Lotus Blossom Shawl (Fiddlesticks): Helen's Laces "Envy" colorway
7) Kimono Shawl from Folk Shawls: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Laci "Atomic 66" colorway
8) Noro Entrelac Stole: Kureyon
9) Nap Shawl from Two Old Bags: Brooks Farm Duet

I have 12 skeins ALONE of Socks that Rock, not to mention many other skeins of Shepherd Sock, Opal and I will always be carrying a sock with me as the portable project. Right now I'm working on these cute little ankle socks (I tend to like shorter socks) in some leftover Lisa Souza I had (colorway little devil) from a sorry and abandoned attempt at Jaywalkers. My sister has also requested KNEE SOCKS...any pattern suggestions??? I'm thinking of using two shades of Socks that Rock...

I just finished the Sweetie Pie Hat from the Purl Bee in Manos Silk Blend. It is perfect and NOT SCRATCHY in the least. Photos to follow...

So as the writer's strike wages on, I've found several new opportunities for good tv viewing which Trish has asked me to comment on. So here are my STRIKE BUSTERS

AMC "Breaking Bad." Chem teacher diagnosed with terminal lung cancer becomes crystal meth cooker to leave something behind for his family. Awesome! (Sundays at 10pm)

Fox "American Idol." Seriously it just gets worse and worse and I love it. (Tues and Weds)

A&E "Parking Wars." Real stories of the Philadelphia Parking Authority and the retarded citizens of my town that don't know how to read signs, double park and "borrow tags" from others. (Tuesdays 10pm)

A&E "Intervention." Reminds me that my life is not all. (Mondays 8 and 9pm)

Bravo "Project Runway." Love Heidi...I'm routing for...hmmm I don't know. (Wed, 10pm)

FX "Nip/Tuck." This is my first year having FX so it is the first year I've watched this show...after hearing about it at knitting circle for the last five years (thanks Robin!). It is as out there as "Six Feet Under," which I also adored but it also perplexed me and kept me thinking, just how far will they/can they go. Nip/Tuck does the same thing. Also I am totally in love with Julian McMahon. (Tues, 10pm)

NBC "Law and Order." The original is back and I refer to it as "the Jeremy Sisto half hour." I also loved him since "Six Feet Under." Linus Roche is growing on me too...and Jesse Martin...if only he could sing on the show like he did in "Rent..." but then I guess it would be more like "Cop Rock..."(Wed, 10pm)

and coming soon


"Survivor" Super Fans vs Super Survivors


a new cycle of...

"America's Next Top Model."

So all is not lost in tv land...for now...but soon the Phillies will be back and all I will do is watch baseball again.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Photos: Before and After


and after:

Yeah! The hobby space is done!

I really don't think the photos do it justice...and the couches were cleaned AFTER I took these photos...they look and smell amazing.

The yarn is stored, by type (and labeled) in the multi colored fabric bins. Moth Beware hangs from sachets on the shelves. I have three bins of KPPPM (1 solid, 2 multi's), 1 bin of Kersti, 3 bins of noro, 2 1/2 bins of sock yarn, 2 bins of lace weight and many others...

And here is the piece d'resistance: Finn in the big blue Ikea bag

Monday, January 21, 2008

Update on: The Project

Mom and I have been working our butts off for the last 4 days cleaning, purging, trashing, donating, organizing and constructing the purple room (now know as giant purple closet/storage room) and the lounge (now known as the Hobby Space). I can report that the project is done. There is a bit of organizing of scrapbooking stuff left to do, and the Stanley Steamer guys are on their way here to clean the giant couches. The yarn storage is a truly amazing sight to behold. I had NO idea just home much gorgeous yarn I own. Also, I need NO MORE SOCKS THAT ROCK.

Photos to follow; Ebay sale to follow; logging stash into Ravelry to follow---but will be a ridiculous task.

Also, I FINALLY WON A POOL!!!! Congrats to TK and Rachel (and me) for winning the Amazing Race. I was screaming and yelling last night when they crossed the finish line. I've been coordinating Survivor and Amazing Race pools amongst friends FOR YEARS and I've never won...I am so excited! I am going out for pancakes to celebrate.

Oh, and my service project this MLK Day; I talked with Kathy Duffy, the social worker who coordinates the knitting program at Interim House (their blog is, and I've managed to put together four large bags of yarn, needles and some knitting supplies for the ladies at Interim House. Kathy has also invited me to come out and join their knitting circle and talk to the ladies about knitting through Project Snuggles for animals at VHUP and other vet hospitals and shelters! How cool!!!

Okay off to wait for the steamer guys to come and get some snuggles on...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Crap Trifecta

1. Lakeside Chinese Deli has CLOSED...apparently they've "retired" though my sister wondered about the "flagrant health code violations."

2. Kevin got kicked off "Project Runway." Total BS...Christian is a total a-hole. Now they have gotten rid of the only straight guy on the show. I'm pissed and considering a boycott...

3. No FRICKIN GOLDEN GLOBE FASHIONS...thought I totally support the writers...I'm sad I won't be able to write a fashion review blog.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A Beagle Prozac Nation

Not only was it 64 degrees yesterday, but 12 years ago yesterday was the blizzard of 1996 when Philly got some 30+ inches of snow in one day. I remember it fondly...holed up in my apartment on the fourth floor of the Fairfax, writing my resume and eating anything I could find...I hadn't prepared very well and seriously didn't think the ENTIRE TOWN would shut down for 3 days afterward. I remember the news was on ALL DAY, that my car (a Honda Civic) was buried in a snow drift and the total silence of the city.

Within a week, the weather had warmed and the snow was gone...

So, Maggie went on Prozac yesterday. I'd been thinking about it for a while. Maggie has extreme anxiety around men, some strangers, noises and the outdoors. It had become so bad, I could barely walk her because she was so terrified. As we walked into Justin's yesterday for her annual appointment, she slipped out of her collar and took off down Pine Street. I caught up to her about half a block later, but it was the straw the broke the camel's back. I want Maggie to be a happy dog, and she can't be if she is terrified anytime we leave the house or one of my male friends comes over. So we started her on a small dose and Justin cautioned me that it will take upwards of a month to notice a difference. Until then, we continue to do behavior work with her and love her like mad.

Heather asked for photos so here you go:

Finn (almost 5 months old)

Gus and Finn spooning

Maggie and Finn looking out onto 46th Street

Finn licking Maggie's ears...

Hope you like them Heather!

Monday, January 07, 2008

A 60 degree January day

Yes, that's right, it is supposed to be 60 degrees today. I can't was SO COLD last week, so a few days of warmth is welcome...if only it could have been Saturday when I didn't have any heat. Long story short, I have heat again thanks to the repair of a clogged filter by my new boyfriend, Jack. Jack was toothless and a hunter and didn't waste any time professing his love for me since I have a big tv for "sports." Some of you know, this is the THIRD service type professional to hit on me (cab driver, cable guy, heater man) and what I think is SO strange about this, is that they are all in my house or dropping me off at my house. Does this make me vulnerable? Thank god for killer attack beagles. But maybe it also says volumes about my comfort level in this place?

Thanks to Allison for hosting Knitorama this weekend! It was great to get together and get advice on the Logan River Crap Wrap which I have frogged. There are many more attractive things that I can knit. The yarn just wasn't right, despite the fact that I was using the yarn the pattern called for. The pattern didn't read well and looked strange. So I'm moving on...
Special thanks to Carol for agreeing to dye more some more "Stop Sign" Lace Weight after it became the latest victim of beagle yarn porn.

Plans are moving ahead for operation organization (Jan 16th-20th)...all hands are welcome to join mom and I for cleaning, throwing things out and setting up/organizing the new "hobby room." Mom and I have a basic overall plan, and dad has agreed to come and be on "beagle detail," keeping the children of the corn out of our hair while we work.

I'm hoping this week at work will begin to pick up as last week was clearly just an extension of break. But I've decided I'm starting the research project(S) in ernest today and scheduling meetings with my research boss to set some deadlines, which I need.

Oh did I mention I got called for Federal Jury Duty in February...that sucks.
Oh did I also mention I'm GOING TO SPRING TRAINING!

I am so super psyched for baseball...I can't wait.
Okay off to work...Peace