Thursday, September 08, 2005

Fairly unhappy

It has been a crappy week pretty much and now I feel like venting...

1) I'm going to hurt my neighbors. Their gutting of the third floor continues...but for some reason the workers show up every night at 545 and POUND POUND POUND until 830 at night. I'm feeling a bit intruded upon as this is typically my DOWNTIME. Not to mention I have a WICKED headache today and all this banging is not helping. When is enough enough? I've already said something to R once...he promised me "they are almost done." That was 3 nights ago--and the pounding CONTINUES. I'm pissed.

2) Maggie ate Albo. She killed him once and for all. And while I cleaned up stuffing from the beloved bear, I did realize, I love Maggie more than Albo. He is being retired to my keepsake box. ***Note burial instructions; I want him buried with me.

3) The Phillies lose three straight to the ***kin Astros. Billy Wagner blows two of the games. My dreams are nearly over

4) They are still banging

5) My bad streak with technology continues. I dropped my cell phone in (of all things) a glass of milk. It died. Sizzle sizzle haha. I have replaced said phone---it was NOT cheap.

6) I still haven't written my article and I have NO motivation to do so.

7) The appraiser came at 645 this morning. This reinforced that I am NOT a morning person. And since they are banging and pounding next door, I can't take a nap.

8) I'm VERY crabby.

Dr Beagle

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