Monday, August 28, 2006

Emmy Fashion Review THE WORST

Velvet in August? Ellen, we've talked about this before! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?! Fire your stylist NOW! And the hair extensions NO NO NO
Sandra Oh my! I can't see that gorgeous Vera Wang underneath all that tacky jewelry you bought at Claire's boutique! LESS IS MORE Sandra! And where is your party hair????
I bought my dress at the Country Curtain Outlet Store

Emmy Fashion Review-Part 2

Blogger continues to be painful when it comes to uploading photos...part 3 will be worst dressed...

Now I am not a HUGE fan of "my name is Earl; again perhaps the glorification of white trash...but Jaime Pressly looks very nice in this form fitting number...if only she could work on that voice.
My name is Marishka and I just had a baby three weeks ago and look at my dress that highlights all my ASSets and Boobs. I'll be home to breast feed soon August!
Best dressed man, hand and tatoos down: Wentworth Miller
Dear Patrick, I've loved you since I was 15 and you were in "Can't buy me love." Please continue to put mousse in your hair

Christina and Barbara's Emmy Fashion Review-Part 1

Hugh Laurie

White trash meets the emmys : Jean Smart

Is that duct tape she is wearing?

Jennifer Hewitt looks like a giant disco ball

The holy boobie award to Virginia Madsen...oye vegh

1 st runner up for best dressed. Evangeline can wear pretty much any color.

Where is Dominic though?

Hands down, best dressed lady. Katherine took some hints from Charlize and

pulls off this ultra glam gorgeous-ness

Sure, you've been together forever, that doesn't excuse these fashion mistakes...after the show Kyra will wrap Kevin ceremoniously in the extra material of her dress and trade him for chocolate a la Brenda

somebody over did it at the tanning salon : Eva Longoria

Grandma of Apple and Moses sure can clean up nice! : Blythe Danner

its good to see farrah is still using cocaine

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Gus spent most of the day sunny himself Posted by Picasa

Tonight for dinner I made Paella. Everyone loved it! It was labor intensive, but YUMMY Posted by Picasa

Molly is also having great vacation Posted by Picasa

Im working on Jaywalkers in Lisa Souza Sock Yarn, color way is "little devil" and I love it. I hated the double points though and swiftly went to the LYS for 0 circulars Posted by Picasa

Maggie says, is it time for dinner yet? Posted by Picasa

Maggie and Luther taking a break after a hard day of chasing each other all over the back yard Posted by Picasa

A lovely Cape day, with dad fixing the fountain after the dogs knocked it off it's base Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Taking one for the team

Dear Aaron and Chase

Thanks for keeping up the hopes of us diehard Phils fans as we near the wildcard race again.
Your efforts last night could not go unrecognized by knitty d and for the outfield collision I give you two big size 13 knitting needles up!


Dear Fox

Thank you for starting the new TV season so early.
I love you Wentworth Miller.

I think you should just cancel "Vanished" and make Monday night all Prison Break, all the time.

Thank you
A Concerned Viewer

Sunday, August 20, 2006

I'm so tired... Posted by Picasa

Don't worry Maggie, Lulu is just resting Posted by Picasa

Konked out after a playdate Posted by Picasa

Tbone loves Molly Posted by Picasa

My BFF Justin...he looks a lot like his daddy here! Posted by Picasa

Maggie and I in "sepia" Posted by Picasa

Hammy grabs Gussy's ear. Posted by Picasa

Molly, Hamilton and Gus have a meeting of the minds. Posted by Picasa