Friday, September 16, 2005

The Tribe Has Spoken

On another note, last night was the premiere of SURVIVOR: GUATEMALA.
I LOVE SURVIVOR. It is the big daddy of all "reality" shows. Last night was awesome; probably one of the better first episodes; full of things like 11 mile hikes through a jungle, monkeys and vomit!

I also am the administrator of the HUP and Friends Survivor Pool. Voted out last night was Jim (gramps); in the pool played by Jen Stone Wynne.

Tribal Council Rocked: Here is a photo

We also have a photo of this week's sacraficial lamb; Jim, with his makeshift sling. He was toast as soon as he came into tribal this way. I think he wanted to go home.

Poor Jim. At least we have one last guy to watch vomit.

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