Friday, March 31, 2006

Photos...I hope

Hot bear on bear action!!

Clapotis; the beginning. The yarn over holes are scaring me a bit.

Is EVERYONE having blogger photo issues?

Thursday, March 30, 2006


So I started Clapotis and I'm loving it. I remember looking at the pattern on and feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the "tbl's" and "pbl's" (see previous blog for entry on pbl's). But now that I have it started, it is going very well and is VERY easy to master. Sadly I can't upload any photos because my server is going in and out. But I'll do that at home over the weekend.

On that note, I have Spring fever and I want to leave work.
More to follow

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I am happy to report that I have taught myself to pfb with the help of a little online tutorial.
It does hurt your hand a bit...


Okay the weather is getting better. I actually wore cropped pants today and NO SOCKS!

I got new windshield wipers on my car...that's a BIG improvement, just ask Elizabeth.

I think I am over my knitting rut...I finished the linen print scarf last night, but really didn't like the fringe embellishment in the pattern; I'm now trying to remove the crochet slip stitch I used to "install" it onto the scarf. I think I am going to go fringe-less

But now I want to start Clapotis in the Silk Garden Light I purchased from Webs...but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to pfb. No it isn't a peanut butter fluff sandwich; its purl into the front and back. Regardless of how many times I tried last night, I could not get it. I need a remedial stitch lesson. So I can't start Clapotis just yet, but maybe will try to finish one of gram's socks since her birthday is 3 weeks away. I'm feeling less anxious about class starting on Saturday especially since Wendy and I are planning to hit the Stone afterwards.

And, finally, Opening Day is approaching. Dad and I make our annual pilgrimage to the ballpark on Monday to see the Fightin Phils take on St Louis. I am SO happy for baseball to be makes me really believe that summer (and the weddings) are not far behind and then will be over with.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Pathetic Daffodils

Okay...for the love of God I need Spring to come. I have a major case of the doldrums and my poor Daffodils, which typically are my favorite spring flower, look so sad out there in my barren, nasty front yard. And yesterday, it was very cold and fall. All I wanted to do was cozy up in front of the fire...instead I discovered a new mecca...Wegmans.

Money, Heather and I ventured to Jersey to shop at the grocery store to end all grocery stores...Wegmans. Now we know Wegmans from our days in upsate New York, and we were thrilled when the family owned chain finally made its way to the Delaware Valley. The place was MOBBED...even in the pouring rain. After two and a half hours and filling three carts (one for each of us, not three on my own!!!), we made it out of there alive...dreaming of all the yummy's we would be making in the next few weeks. This place has it all...unbelievable produce, an international foods section including British and Irish specialties...not just the typical Indian, Mediterrean and Asian delights you can get at most markets. I picked up some English Mustard for my brother in law Mike's birthday and fantasized about an international food expo at my house. Then there was the "lotion and potions" section...including aveda, kiss my face and about 7 million other varieties of stuff. I wanted to lather it all over me in the middle of the aisle. Anyway...Wegman's is the BOMB---Trader Joes, Fresh Fields and your favorite baseline grocery store all in one. If anyone EVER wants to journey the 20 miles to Moorestown with me, I'll drive.

Finally, I'm in a knitting RUT. I hate everything I'm working on. I hate the feel of yarn between my fingers. I hate thinking about knitting. There I feel better. Let me keep working on the stupid twisty turns before I throw something through a windown. Someone HELP ME GET OUT OF THE RUT!!!!! I'm trying with the Yarn Harlot's new book...but it isn't quite working. I ordered some yarn from Elann for my first smaller size cardi for summer. It was a disaster and will be sold immediately on ebay. I can't even complete a stupid herringbone stitch patter in two colors correctly. I'm a serious messy pants when it comes to yarn these days.
The sensai needs rest.

Wendy, we are drinking after "class" Saturday.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


T and I are back from our mini break in Cape Cod. We lament regularly the need to support ourselves financially and thus, have to come to work every day instead of spending the days knitting; which is what we really want to be doing.

We even scoped out a place for our yarn shop in Cape Cod; a perfect little space located in Christmas Tree Plaze, snuggled between Trader Joes and Yankee Candle. Something tells me we might hit some good traffic there...

Anyway, on our drive back, Trish and I got to reminiscing about our knitting history. We were listening to "Cast On" and then decided to tell our own sweater stories, mostly centered around our impeccable taste that happens to be strangely similar and thus, we like to knit the same sweaters. First on our list was the Koigu sweater.

This sweater was truly a labor of love. Lots and lots of Koigu...hours spent pondering colorways and combos with Grace and Courtney on the floor at Rosie's. The pattern is from Vogue Knittings anniversary issue a few years back. T and I knitted this sweater three years ago, as we took them to New Orleans with us and knitted on the plane, in the hotel etc. The tiny needles, the monotony of knitting knit stitch after knit stitch (the sweater was knit in the round until the arm holes), worrying about having enough yarn, almost knocking someone out at the Mannings booth at Sheep and Wool for that one skein of P310 that I felt I needed to finish, the countless pattern changes as I have short arms, pointy shoulders and a bigger bust...all of it came together...eventually...for both of us. The sweater also brought Trish and I back together...we had a falling out over that summer. I finished the sweater that fall...and couldn't wait to tell Trish. It was the beginning of the rebirth of our friendship---which continues today.
So I like this idea of telling stories about our knitting and how the stitches weave us together.

Anyway, this weekend, Trish and I made Baby Bobbi Bears; hers for soon to be niece Nora and mine for my favorite knitting muse, Julianna. Short of doing the eyes and nose, we completed them over the weekend and decided we were NEVER knitting with Blue Sky Cotton again as the cramps ruptured through our hands and fingers.

So photos of the Koigu sweaters, bears and our newest projects will follow this weekend.
Next week starts the Folk Shawls Knit A Long at Loop...I'm anxious about the Lace already.

Someone, hold me and tell me everything will be all right.

Friday, March 17, 2006


Safely on Cape Cod after an uneventful trip. Maggie and Luther's five day love fest has begun...they slept about 2 hours each and were desparate to be reunited.
I awoke at 630 with Luther on my head and Maggie on my feet.

So let the knitting, sleeping and reading begin...

Monday, March 13, 2006


Tonight I tried on my dress for E's wedding and I'm happy to report the following

1) IT FITS! The only reason it fits is because of Weight Watchers. 30 pounds down!

2) IT IS GORGEOUS--the color, the cut, the material...GORGEOUS

3) I'm darned relieved.

4) I didn't binge after trying the dress on though the temptation for a burger was quite strong

5) I'm actually excited about being a bridesmaid!!!

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Spring has least for a few days. It is so gorgeous out.
I went to the flower show last night which cemented my need for blooming bulbs and fragrant breezes. Today we have a doggie date at Aunt Jane's. The pups don't even know what they are in for as they snooze away on the couch. I have made a new window seat in the downstairs livingroom which Mag is taking quite nicely too. I'll attach photos of the doggie party, flower show and the like later.

So last week while hanging at LOOP, I got very jealous of everyone's knitting journals/bibles.
I guess I thought that while blogging, I was creating my own virtual reality knitting journal. But in retrospect, I'm longing for something tangible that I can bring with me to yarn shops and bring out like the red badge of courage...I conquered this and I struggled with that, but it is done. So last night, I dragged Allison Kelsey into the Hello Kitty Palace next door to Penang and bought a fabu Chococat notebook (designed like a steno pad that is left handed friendly)...but now I don't know where to in the park tomorrow we will discuss.
That's the other thing I'm excited about! SUNDAY KNITTING IN THE PARK! I guess I am coming out of hybernation.

PS Congrats to my sister's pal Sarah on your pregnancy! Sarah is the bomb and will be a great mommy. Allie, you will be an awesome Auntie Bach. It is a great role to play, trust me.

And finally Jury Duty was the best. Clearly I wasn't picked. I was brought in to a pool of 40 for a criminal trial and as we walked to the courtroom, we were stopped and dismissed. It was 1045. And my day off began...
I can't wait to do Jury Duty again.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Oscar blog...

Is now done and below...Happy Adoption Anniversary to Maggie! One year ago today you became my baby beagle girl!
We love you Miss Magpie!

Now please, stop eating the remote controls.

Christina's Oscar Fashion Review

Yes, another awards show = another fashion review.
My new name is Christinacris (ie ludacris).

The WHAT landed on my shoulder/thank god I'm in a aisle seat award:
Charlize Theron

Sweetie, you are gorgeous.
Why must you invoke the 1980's style GIANT BOW and of all places, on your shoulder?

Plus, I think you have over tanned/glowed again.

Worst Dressed Couple: Paul Giamatti and wife (?)
I can't even write about this I am so appalled? What is this the White Trash Oscars?

Where did she get that top? Ross ? Marshalls?
And what is with the color scheme?
And Paul, you look like ass with the facial hair. I know it is for a role, but lord, comb it!

Runner up: Phillip Seymour Hoffman and companion

The I'm a canary with bad lipstick award: Michelle Williams
Even though every other fashionista is saying Michelle was fierce in this dress, Christinacris is going to disagree. Michelle is WAY TO PASTY to wear this color. As a lifetime member as, I can advise michelle on better color options. The lipstick and hair are a disaster too.

The HOOTERS award to none other than Dolly Parton

How does Dolly stay upright? She is SO tiny everywhere else but...well you know where.

The WORST use of cropped pants at a formal awards ceremony: Lauren Hutton

I'm not sure WHAT is happening here but the WHOLE THING is a BIG DISASTER!

What is with the little pompom's at the hem?
And the bag? around the waist?


The I'm a skinny ghost award: Nicole Kidman

Is she really there? I'm not sure I can see her!!!!

The separation has made me skinny award: Hilary Swank

Not only is the photo small...but I swear the girl has had a rib or 12 removed!
Reconcile with Chad!!!!

The Goddess Award: Uma Thurman

Note to Nicole, this is how you where light colors!

Most improved (while pregnant): Rachel Weisz

Please see my Golden Globe Blog from Jan archives for real vision of just how far Ms Weisz has come! BRAVA!

The put down the BEDAZZLER award: Reese Witherspoon

The top of the dress is lovely. The bottom is one big mess.
Reese is also a bit too pasty(do I sense a theme) for this color

Best Dressed Men (ie a sandwich I would like to be in) George and Jake





Best dressed females: A Trifecta of Gorgeousness, Jessica Alba, Salma Hayek and Keira Knightly

Ms Alba hits my best dressed two award shows in a row. The gold is magnifique, the lace pattern delicate. Party hair, nice glow...the whole package.
I just love the color of Kiera's dress and her "smokey eyes."
And then, there is Miss Salma Hayek. Perfect color to highlight you dark hair. Fits beautifully! A++++

All in all, I found the fashion kind of drab and dull. I say, bring back Bjork!

Friday, March 03, 2006


NO MORE ANGORA! If I pick up angora, tell me to put it down.
I can't STAND to get it up my nose!

The Blahs

I'm ready for spring.
I'm tired of the feeling of mohair itching my neck as I pull it tighter and tighter to keep out the cold March winds. Winter is holding on tight here in Philly. I remember my first Spring in Philly--it was so mild all of March. It was glorious. I can recall watching the NCAA tourney with my windows open in Grad "B", a cold Yuengling in my hand and cheers for the Quakers at the top of my voice. Those were good times...

Anyway, I have the post Olympics knitting blues. I hate everything I'm working on. I messed up my landscape shawl (seed stitch section, of course!) and really, WHY DO I THINK THAT I CAN CONQUER MY INABILITY TO KNIT LACE? I browsed through all my back Interweave's and Vogue Knitting magazines last weekend, trying to find something that "spoke" to me to wear for the weddings. I had finally decided on a gorgeous Trellis Lace Pattern from Vogue and then, before buying yarn, decided to swatch on some other stash I had and see if I could master the pattern. Let me just say that in four patterns rows, I lost 6 +++ stitches. So I hate yo's and sk2psso BLAH BLAH BLAH.
I'm back to plan a; mom and I will pick out material and she will SEW me something.
My dress has arrived. And on that note, this week's weight loss total; 22 pounds.
Maybe I'll actually be looking forward to the fittings...