Sunday, September 18, 2005

For the love of my beagles

The pups and I had a very busy weekend, highlighted by our playdate at Aunt Jane's with fellow beagle, Lulu and Jane's 2+ year old Charlotte. Tomorrow is Molly's ultrasound...think good thoughts for tiny Molly and her mommy who is extremely anxious as she writes this.

Here are some photos of our playdate:

Maggie and Gus soak up the Sun; smiling the whole time

Hold me closer Tiny Molly...

Is this a hunt or a back yard in Chestnut Hill?

Gus says, "don't mess with me!"

The newest member of our beagle pack of pals: Lulu

And one final thought for this Sunday evening, why, oh why and I watching "Pearl Harbor?" Yes, I was TOTALLY bored by the Emmy's and the Phillies are losing, but this movie is such a car accident! I've been totally engrossed by the battle scenes and Josh Hartnett and Ben Affleck screaming at each other. I literally cannot turn it off. I try to toggle, but I'm engrossed. Clearly I need to go to bed.

Also, Maggie 3, remote controls in the bedroom, nothing.

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