Monday, September 19, 2005

Christina's Emmy Fashion Round Up

Contrary to Carsen and Kojo, I have some issues with things worn by some of my favorite stars last night; so here goes, Catty Christina's fashion round up

Best Dressed and Hottest Chic on TV: Mariska Hargitay

The daughter of bombshell Jane Mansfield looks AMAZING!
She can pull of the bright citrus color with her longer, lighter locks. And the bod! What I love about Mariska is that she isn't TOO THIN!


PS You kick total ass on SVU

Worst use of ruffle by a piece of arm candy: Eric McCormack's wife
I wouldn't have let this out of the house


Worst flesh tone colored dress with inappropriate cleavage: Kyra Sedgewick

I can't say enough negative things about this dress.
Kyra, would Brenda (her character on the Closer) go out looking like this? No, but then again, no one should.
You look like you need a blood transfusion to put some color back into your life.

MY EYES MY EYES AWARD: Tie between Star Jones and Kathy Griffin

I don't know where to begin to describe just how bad both of these dresses are.

Star, your shoulders might eat your head.

Kathy, have more plastic surgery, please.

To both, your ten minutes are up.

The "I could wear a paper bag and look hot award:" Halle Berry

Again, I'm speechless. I like Halle better with the short cut, but extensions worked well with this look. Her boobs are way to perfect.

My favorite housewife: Felicity Huffman

I love this strawberry colored dress with jeweled embellishments. Felicity, you look amazing! I am so glad you beat that skinny bitch Hatcher for the Emmy!

Donald Trump: YIKES!!!


Poor Megan Mulally!!!!

The, "Yes, I just had a baby 6 days ago award:" Heidi Klum




The I have issues with my arms award: S. Epatha Mickerson

Note to S: DON'T try to cover over your issues with your arms with a nasty velvet -esque shrug that doesn't match your dress! Also, when you put your thank you speech down your cleevage, be sure you can get it out again WITHOUT flashing the entire audience.

The I learned HOW to cope with my arms award: Camryn Manheim

Dear Camryn

You make big girls everywhere have hope for good fashion options! Nice hair too! I was tired of looking at all those holes in your ears.

Well, that is as catty as I can be for now; but you get the picture!

Knitty "Fashionista" Delicious

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