Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Spring has Sprung!

I visited the Home Depot today and had a little party. My green thumbs were very busy as I planted this morning. It is hard to believe that last weekend it rained 5 inches and the wind howled and rattled my windows. Here is how we spent the weekend:

Spring Preview

I took this photo of Gussy in the front yard yesterday

Today is planting day, so more to follow:

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Phillies are Shunned

Dear Phillies Mgmt

It is time to fire the (owner's) Manual.

Seriously. What is going on? We are the WORST team in baseball-except for J Roll who actually IS hitting the ball.

I'm available for consultation and management of the baseball team...and I'm not afraid to stand up to Howard (F****) Eskin.

Using a technique employed by the Amish and Dwight on "The Office" I am shunning you.

A Devoted Fan

Friday, April 13, 2007


Well, I remember a song, from the 80's in which the words went something like, "I'm all cried out, over you." I think crying for four +++ hours Monday was something I needed to do, because I have really felt so much better since then.

It's been a busy week. On Tuesday, I went to a book signing with Giada De Laurentiis. I LOVE HER. I love her show on the food network, "Everyday Italian." Her new book is "Everyday Pasta." Besides meeting her, and being a bit star struck (yes, her boobs are that big)...I can't wait to cook some yummy Italian food. I've made my grocery list...this weekend I'm making crab stuffed manicotti and penne with sausage, peppers and onions.

I met up with the ladies at Rosie's for knitting circle Wednesday night, followed by dinner to celebrate Allison's birthday at Dmitri's.

Last night, I laughed for an hour while watching "The Office" and "30 Rock."

It's really the perfect weekend for knitting and cooking. We are supposed to get a RIDONCULOUS amount of rain Sunday and Monday with the first (yes, FIRST) Nor'easter of the year. I'm planning on honkering down Sunday...making scones, coffee and pasta, doing laundry and knitting. Fun Fun Fun.

I totally messed up Maude tonight. I'm so damn pissed...but I dropped a ssk down like three or four rows. Said SSK is flanked by yarn overs on either side. I have NO CLUE how to fix it without frogging four rows (NOT GOING TO HAPPEN). So, I've packed it away and am going in for an intervention tomorrow...In the meantime, I picked up the Highland Triangle and the Hunter's Safety Stole again.

But, while organizing my patterns in my new binder (thanks secret pal!) I came across a pattern I've wanted to make FOREVER. It called "The Nap Shawl" from Wool You Order. I don't know HOW LONG AGO I bought this pattern...certainly before I had conquered lace. But I am desperate to make it. Perhaps it is because I LOVE LOVE LOVE to nap. Perhaps it is because it is based on a traditional Shetland shawl pattern. Who knows? So I've been looking at yarns...

I'm supposed to get 5/inch on a size 6 needle--though the pattern calls for a fingering weight yarn. I'm not getting 5/inch on any size six needle in any fingering weight yarn that will produce ANY kind of fabric that I like.

Anyway, here are the candidates I've come across so far:
1) Blue Sky Alpaca Sport Weight.
Pros: Colors
Cons: Yardage for cost.
2) Blue Sky Alpaca Silk.
Pros: Hands down a favorite yarn of mine
Cons: How many shawls in this yarn can/should I have (this would be 3)?
3) Brooks Farm Primero
Pros: Going to Sheep and Wool in 3 weeks and can touch and feel ALL I WANT, great yardage, lovely colors
Cons: Mohair, though according to their website it is "Silk like."

Any other suggestions?

Craptastic its after 11 and I've got to teach at 9am.
I totally screwed though because one of my fav episodes of Seinfeld is on...

Nighty night

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Meltdowns and such

Yesterday, I picked up Molly's ashes from VHUP. It was so strange. I took my friend Julie and we walked up after lunch. I made lots of small talk as I walked in and tried not to think about what I was doing. I signed a piece of paper and they retrieved the box from the CLOSET behind the front desk at the business office. Condolences were offered. I walked back to work.

An hour later I lost it. It was like she had died all over again. I was inconsolable, crying like a mad woman, hiding in my office. I started to question the decision I made to end her suffering (and mine). Did I do the right thing? I mean, should I have used my vacation money I had tried to hard to save, to try hard to save Molly? Am I so selfish for choosing not to do this? My heart was aching. Somehow, I made it home. I was greeted by Gussy and Maggie. Maggie licked my tears again. We went for a walk, snuggled. Thank god I have them; they are the best caregivers I could have.

So, Molly came home yesterday too. She is on the piano---she always loved to pee underneath the piano. I'm planning on burying her at the Joy House, near the fountain, which she also loved. But, I'm not sure when I'll be ready to do that...I'm certainly not ready for the finality right now.

Also making me cry, the Phillies. YOU SUCK! It is time to fire the manager.

I started a new knitting project: I find that my grief has been quite conducive to knitting. I'm working on Maude, a Courtney Kelly Designs/Smith Island Pattern Factory pattern. I LOVE IT. Wendy told me in October when she was making it that it was "such a relaxing pattern to knit." I'd never really been able to think of a pattern that way; but now I know what she is talking about. Anyway, it is gorgeous in Koigu (yum) and I'm anticipating finishing it in a couple of weeks. Photos to follow.

Speaking of koigu, look what I did:

I think this is all of the koigu I've purchased since January. I THINK. TWENTY FOUR SKEINS! Wendy asked me if I was still planning on making a b-line to the koigu at sheep and wool. My answer was, HELL YES! I LOVE IT! Isn't it Yummy?!?!

Maude is being made in the turquise multi in the back. Next to that is the yarn for my drop stitch shawl. The olive solid is going to be "Ene" from scarf style, which Wendy also just made in a delicious plum color...and the pink...well I'm not sure yet. A shawl most likely....

Oh, and I discovered something that Maggie likes to eat, OTHER than yarn:

PEEPS!!!!! That is a little bunny peep hanging out of her mouth!!

That's the update...let the healing continue.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Secret Pal Swag

Thanks to my GEORGIA PEACH for the fabu secret pal box of fun!
Look what I got:

In this photo, Maggie is exploring the goodies. I got a great ball of sock yarn & a new binder for patterns, personalized, complete with beagle. Inside is a KICKIN' sock pattern. SP also sent treats for the kids, some LOVELY smelling bath goodies, a REALLY cute beagle magnet which adorns my filing cabinet in my office and some Weight Watchers candies ( my FAVORITE--even though I've been totally going crazy on Reses Peanut Butter Eggs lately).

Maggie and Gussy enjoyed their special gifts too:

They had also just had baths! I've got the best smelling hound dogs in the world! I tried Kiehls new dog shampoo and conditioner...YUMMMMMMMM. These dogs look amazing; and boy are they super soft too!

So, last week, before the worst Wednesday of my life, I decided to ABORT the Highland Triangle in the Rowan Felted Tweed. As I sat here knitting last Monday night, the yarn just pulled right apart. I know I pull my yarn tightly, but this was ridiculous. I decided the entire thing was going to be spit spliced. I returned the aforementioned yarn and started over again in my old standby favorite, Blue Sky Alpaca Silk. I'm through the first two repeats---

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it...I am just afraid I'm not going to finish it in time for the trip...STAY ON TARGET. The trip is just 6 weeks away and I've got some SERIOUS knitting to do.

Anyone been to any good yarn places in Ireland or Scotland? Details please!!!!

Take me out to the ballgame...

ITS THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN! Baseball is back! Go Phillies!

Me and Daddio at Opening Dad

The team lines up for pregame activites

Meyers delivers a strike

The Phanatic riles up the crowd

And yes, the Phils lost. But it was a GORGEOUS day...the best opening day I've ever been too HANDS DOWN. And there are still 161 games to go...lots more time to be disappointed, let down and crapped on by the Phillies.

People always ask how I could be both a Mets and a Phillies fan: here is the story. Mom was in labor during a Phils-Mets twi-night double header 35 years ago. It's no wonder I am pulled towards both teams. However, in a bar fight, I'm always putting my money on the Philles.

Tomorrow's game looks to get rained out, so there is one we CAN'T lose.