Monday, January 29, 2007


I just visited my stash. I feel like a big stick of butter.

Revisiting your yarn renews your spirit and inspires you.
I'd forgotten about all that Anne...all that Koigu...all the Socks that Rock.
All I want to do is knit--24/7/52/365

I got 800 hours of sick time...I need surgery or something.

I FINALLY made an appointment with the Orthopedic Foot Specialist 7 weeks after the fall that percipitated the days of being unable to bare weight on my left side and the need to take 600mg of ibuprofen every 12 hours religiously just so I can walk--sure I feel sick to my stomach all the time, but walking is important. Anyway, my MD appointment is not until February 28th...

Maybe I'll heel (get it---heel/heal) myself in that time!????!

All I know is that my trip is in three and 1/2 months and I need to be able to ambulate appropriately. So, I'm planning on calling the ortho clinic regularly and inquiring into if anyone Friday when it supposed to snow...yeah that is the ticket.

Oh and Craig...thanks for the Cash Iroha. YUMMY. I scored 15 skeins at 30% off...gorgeous, rich marroon color. I'm designing my first sweater. So far, I'm working on a lace edging (from Nikki Epstein's Knitting on the Edge. and a slightly shaped sweater, knit in the round, with set in sleeves and a vneck (that will highlight my narrow shoulders and decollete (sp?)) . The lace pattern will repeat on the cuffs, the sleeves will be close fitting, but with a little more give in the upper arm area (I've always had issues with my arms). I'm still in swatch phase...and then I've got to do some measuring...and some number fudging...but the prospect of MY VERY OWN DESIGNED SWEATER is quite exciting.

Operation Plasma Screen is in full force. Phase One, calling the cable company regarding the HD/DVR box is complete. Phase 2, Furniture moving and acquisition commences this weekend.
Phase 3, taxes is next week, Phase 4 Purchasing could occur on or before President's Day Weekend. So, as soon as pre season baseball starts, I'll be watching it in HI DEF PLASMA SCREEN glory!

I can't tide me over, I'll go visit my stash again.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Weekend Update...No Dennis Miller here

Heading off to brunch at the Ten Stone in a few, so this will be a quick post.

Congrats to "MY" Roger and his straight set victory in the Australian Open Men's Singles Final over some Chilean guy. I love you Roger.

I forgot to TIVO the match at 3am (live) so I'm tivoing it at noon...then I can watch Roger in slow motion. (not a stalker AT ALL)

I've decided to start getting the livingroom together for the Plasma TV I'm planning on purchasing with part of my tax refund. I've got to move some furniture, get a HD-DVR cable box (which could take weeks with comcast), and actually DO my taxes. But, its in the works.

Speaking of Comcast, has anyone else discovered THE TUBE (channel 250 in Philly). OH MY GOD. It is what MTV was when it started WITHOUT the annoying VJ's. All videos...all the time. Right now, I'm watching Bono, with a mullet, singing "Sunday Bloody Sunday" at Live Aid. I'm not sure I'll be watching much else anymore and I think it will be even better on the big screen. Do you think the dogs will be more apt to watching the "Dog Whisperer" on the big screen. God, I'm giddy.

Class went really well yesterday. I really missed my students! SURPRIZE! Did a BREW homecheck and met some great perspective Beagle Adopters. And today WEGMANS with Elizabeth. I can't wait. Oh, yeah, I'll be knitting and watching Roger and The Tube.

PS I visited the Old Navy outlet in Florida---totally great place to stock up on basics, like Tshirts for $4.99. I just discovered there is an Old Navy Outlet at Franklin Mills...I'm going!

rambling rambling rambling

Friday, January 26, 2007

Missing Florida

Okay, I woke up this morning and it was 9 FRICKIN DEGREES!
I was in Florida on Tuesday...3 days ago...and it was 65 degrees
I know I know...we haven't had much of a warming...el nino blah blah blah.
But my lips are chapped and my skin is dry and itchy and my damn bulbs are already poking I hope the groundhog predicts an early Spring next week.
Any how...T and I are back and barely surviving. Let's relive the experience photographically:

We are lost...again

Flamingoes are pink because they eat shrimp!

Dolphin eats Christina's hand!

Trish loves the dolphins

Mr. Seal 2007

Horny Manatee

Dinner with Shamu

Dolphins Fly through the air with the greatest of ease

Attack of the blue tongue

Shamu Breeching

Trish and Me at SPONGE O RAMA in Tarpon Springs

Trish knitting poolside

Sock at poolside

Gram and Me

Gram models her North Sea Shawl

On the knitting front, I finished my mom's "Peak Experience" Socks AND a Spiral Rib Hat in Silk Garden during the trip. I've since started my ultra secret knitting for Allison and Mike's Birthday's (THANKS CAROL!!!) and purchased some great Black Bunny Laceweight in colorway "Stop Sign" that will become the Hunter's Safety Stole from Rosie's Yarn Cellar. And even cooler!!! Knitty D and The City has OUR OWN COLORWAY of Black Bunny Fibers. So far, Carol has dyed it in the DK Superwash (sock yarn). It is SOOOOO cool. Carol is truly an amazing dyer of yarn...she simply asked Wendy and I what colors we liked, and then she produced it. I'm not sure if I can post photos yet, or what weight's Carol is willing to dye it in...More to follow.


Friday, January 19, 2007

Hola from FLA

Trish and I are living it up! We are enjoying the 75 degree sunny days and cool nights!
We just returned from Downtown Disney which was CRAZY!

We reall enjoyed Sea World and I have some amazing photos of our dinner with Shamu!
The conference starts tomorrow :-(

But maybe Monday we are going to swim with the Manatees...

More when I return!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Yarn Slut

It was a SLUTTY weekend for knitty d...I visited both Rosie's and Loop and did damage at both.

At Rosie's I purchased Rowan Felted Tweed for Highland Triangle from Folk Shawls.
I also replaced the Maggie eaten mohair for Allison's Purl Scarf...yes Ali, I'm working on it again-I think it will be good conference knitting!

At Loop, I found some ArtYarns Silk Rapsody in a SWEET green color...IN THE SALE BIN for 40% off. I had to give it a good home. Contemplating lacy scarf patterns for this.

Also became TOTALLY obssessed with Blue Sky diag. shawl pattern ( can't remember actual name and writing blog from bed where I'm tucked in with two beagles) which is knit in alpaca silk (a favorite of knitty d) could I resist. Also started this project tonight and it will also be great conference knitting. Choose a gorgeous purple/mauve color that screams me.

So, I embrace Wendy's mantra regarding the non yarn diet...I'm already on weight watchers and one diet is enough for me.

It's officially Martin Luther King Jr Day. I don't get the day off...though it seems everyone else does. So, if you are off, do some good---get out and participate in a day of service program or maybe just shovel your neighbor's walk, or do some charity's all in the spirit of a man who has inspired me for years, even though he was gone long before I was born. I'll continue my career of service...

Oh by the way, has anyone else seen Jeff Garcia's "fiance?" Seriously, isn't this guy gay? Not that there is anything WRONG with that!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

North Sea Shawl

Finally, it's done! Yeah! Five days BEFORE I leave for Florida and 8 full days before I see grandma and give it to her...I think I may be getting somewhere with the procrastination resolution.

North Sea Stock

Blocking in progress...thank god for the sofa bed

Fully blocked...albeit angled a bit.

Pattern Specs:

North Sea Shawl from Folk Shawls

Yarn Zephyr DOUBLED

I bought 2400 yards...I didn't use ANYWHERE near that much, but seeing as the beagle ate some and I have a fair amount left, I can't even come close to guesstimating how much I ACTUALLY used...maybe 1700 yards, but this is a very rough guess-timate.

Needles: Size 5 Addi's

I'm thinking about making another one (for me) in a solid Koigu. Waiting for a color to speak to me.

I'll post a photo of grandma in the shawl when I return from Florida...

Cry Eagles Cry

Mommy screamed, and sang and yelled for 3 hours...and they still lost. We are is mommy. How many more days until Spring Training???? Oh did anyone hear, the Flyers are the WORST team in the NHL?

Monday, January 08, 2007

Elvis and Maggie

On this date in 2005, Maggie (aka CC Rider) and 18 other beagle pups were rescued from a Delaware research lab. They became known as the "Elvis Pups," as it is the King's Birthday. More importantly, HAPPY RESCUE-VERSARY MAGGIE!!!!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Cooking with Christina - Episode 1

After spending hours and a ridiculous amount of money at Wegman's today, I'm back on track with cooking at home and packing my lunch. This is all in an effort to continue the Weight Watchers "Back on Track" plan.

Tonight, I made Butternut Squash Risotto from Cooking Light's New Complete Cookbook. This was my first attempt at Risotto. I've always been nervous about trying risotto because of two words: "stir constantly." There is no way around it, you do have to STIR CONSTANTLY.
But the end product was AMAZING---rich, yummy, filling---all for 8 points! YUM!
Plus, the more I make risotto, the more buff my arms will be from constant stirring.

So, I'm ten days away from leaving for Florida and I'm on repeat 9 of 14 of the second (final) panel of the North Sea Shawl. I hoping to finish the tenth repeat tonight and maybe, just maybe I'll be grafting it at Knitting Circle on Wednesday...keep your fingers crossed.


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2007-Year of the Yarn

So, here are my resolutions, two days late
1) Stop procrastinating (already managed to f that one up)
2) Get organized and declutter (this was a resolution last year; if I stop procrastinating, may actually get to this one)
3) Be an "after" (see weight watchers ad's for more---i.e. I'm back on program)
4) Get Maggie to stop eating yarn; so far not so good, yesterday she ate two balls of kidsilk haze and some zephyr
6) Walk more
7) Apply for ACE program at City of Hope (advanced palliative care training program)

Happy New Year to podcast is up at
Thanks Wendy!