Friday, June 27, 2008

One week...

...since I last blogged and SOOOOO much has been going on!

Last Saturday, I made a skirt...a whole skirt. And, it fits ('s too big and I need to move the "button hole" that I wrap it through) But, I love it and it is gorgeous and comfy and I feel very accomplished. I'm planning on wearing it for my parents party next weekend.

Sunday, I went to the Phillies game with Car, Ranu, Trish, Arthur and Heather. We sat in the FRONT ROW on top of the Phillies dugout. Sure, we lost...but they were the most amazing seats EVER. I will post photos in a bit...but let's just say, I was able to do some quality stalking of Patty and Jason.

Monday Gus passed his therapy dog test! Congrats to Gussy! You are a ROCK STAR!

Last night, I finished the tote bags for mom, Ali, Grandma and Jenni. Then decided I needed to make a little girl bag for Juliana...which I'll work on tonight.

Now I'm getting geared up for Cape Cod next week and THE PARTY!!! Yeah!

Congrats to Trish and Arthur on their wedding! Can't wait to see the photos
Still no babies to brag about.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Shiba Date

Last night, I went over to my work pal Kathy's for sewing and Shibas. Shibas are Shiba Inu's; and Kathy has two of them. They are very special little doggies...

Meet Yoshi:

ans Tsuki :

Oh psycho eyes

They are very cute and fluffy and hairy. Their shedding reminded me of the way Maxie used to shed.

Sew, Kathy taught me how to make a zippered bag last night. Zippers are hard. I guess that with practice they get easier...and I did feel accomplished to have actually got the damn thing together. It matches my tote bag too!

Yeah for me! Will need guidance to make another FOR SURE!

This morning there was a cute little kitten in the office...hopefully today he will get a home. Meet Frankie

And a couple of days ago, Jacob and Julie came over to meet the beagles.

Isn't he handsome! We had a good time

I've also been knitting a lot...working feverishly on the February Lady Sweater.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ode to the Seam Ripper

Since I've been sewing...all of about three weeks now, I have developed a close, personal relationship with the seam ripper. I encourage all new sewers to do the same, as this odd looking little device really is the most wonderful thing in the world of sewing. We don't have its equivalent in knitting...sure we frog things like mad, but there is something about actually DESTROYING the stitches that you have screwed up that is strangely therapeutic.

Last night I made two more pillows and I LOVE THEM! They were super easy. I used the "envelope pillow" pattern from S.E.W. Everything Workshop (a great book for beginners recommended to me by sewing com-patriot Kathy. I'm obsessed with them because I can actually follow the pattern and make something UNSUPERVISED. Very exciting.

Next up, a wrap skirt???

Tonight though, I'm knitting...laying in front of the air conditioner, watching the Phillies and knitting...

Please let this be the last day of the heat wave.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sew Super--The Tote Bag

Trish and I completed, rather successfully, our beginning sewing class today.

Besides having to battle the crowds and closed streets thanks to the "UDUNDE" festival, we tolerated the heat, downed a couple of massive iced coffees and ROCKED IT OUT.
Not only did we complete our class project, a lined tote bag, but we came back to my "sewing/knitting/scrapping studio" and each made ANOTHER bag...Trish's for her sister and mine for momala.
Here is the fruit of our labor:

Yeah, we are taking orders...

Finn says goodnight...

Friday, June 06, 2008


It's official...Philly is headed for our first heat wave of the summer starting tomorrow. I've already made plans to spend the day in Carolyn's pool. Sunday will be spent at Spool (for my second beginning sewing class) and then in the air conditioning in my hobby space.

I've become a little obsessed with sewing, though officially I don't really get it. Some of the terms in the patterns are completely incomprehensible. And the dexterity required for certain things is beyond the managability of my fat fingers...but I press on. Press...get it.

Anyway, this morning I was watching "Mike and Mike in the Morning" on ESPN2. Now I have a big crush on Mike Greenberg...and this morning, is was solidified when he said this about my Phillies, "that team has a lot of heart...they are fun to watch." Thanks Mike. I love you. The Phillies get VERY little press on ESPN (its all Yankees, Red Sox and recently the Cubs), so I am touched.

Susan and I went to the "businessperson's special" yesterday and saw Cole Hamels pitch a gem of a three hitter and Ken Griffey Jr miss his 600th home run by about 2 feet. There were crab fries, Bull's BBQ and ice was awesome to play hookie.

Going to see "Sex and the City" later with El...then watch the Phillies take on the Braves while I sit in front of the air conditioner.

Stay cool!