Wednesday, July 30, 2008

KnittyD is...

on vacation...

More to follow when I actually FEEL like typing...

Monday, July 14, 2008

My 600th post...and I've got CRABS!

No...not those kind of crabs! SICKOS!!!


The Liebman's head down to Havre de Grace a few times each season to Price's for yummy crabs (covered in Old Bay of course), crab cakes, cream of crab soup and crab ice cream (just kidding). It was awesome...more photos...

And the best thing...this place has my FAVORITE beer from Scotland...

It was one happy, yummy day! Thanks Liebmans!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Trish got married!!!

My old and dear friend Trish recently eloped to Banff with her beau Arthur. In a lovely ceremony (I assume), they said their "I do's." It was perfect for these two love birds to be alone, on a mountain side, pledging their devotion to each other. The only thing that was missing, their friends and family.

So, last night, Trish's parents through a ROCKIN' party for the newlyweds. It was small, intimate and totally focused on celebrating Trish and Arthur (ie NOT the dress, flowers, photography, dj, favors etc.).

Congrats my friends! It was truly AWESOME to be part of the celebration of your marriage.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Welcome to the World Alex!!

Last night, I met my new BFF, Alexander Rana Mutreja; son of Carolyn and Ranu and little brother to Justin.

Alex looks identical to Justin in infancy...he loves his Auntie Bach

And his Auntie Trish:

And his Aunt Header...who hoped that baby Alex would coax little baby Klusimpson out of the womb...
He is lovely and amazing! My uterus is twitching...there it stopped!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Party's Over

YEAH! We survived and had an awesome party...despite having to BBQ in the rain...

Thanks to Glen for trying (in vain) to keep me dry

Mike manned the charcoal grill and dealt with the suicidal hotdogs that chose to roll off the grill, rather than be eaten by hungry party goers.

Alan and Mike brave the elements

The food was great...I've never seen so many middle aged people fawn over a chocolate fountain so ferociously. We also had gorgeous fruit baskets from Edible Arrangements.

Here are more random party photos

Of course, little Petey's eyes are closed...

Juliana and Me! She has a white girl-fro!

So, yeah it is over and was a raging success. I am now retiring from my brief career as party planner extraordinaire.

In other Cape Cod's humid, moist, wet, close...NASTY!

I often find myself wanting to retreat to the confines of the Captain's quarters where I am sleeping and pumping the A/C. Today, I napped with 5 beagles and sadly watch my Roger lose to Nadal in 5 stunning sets in the Wimbeldon final.

Heading home Tuesday...and will be back to Cape Cod in two and half weeks...hopefully it won't be so humid.