Sunday, September 25, 2005

Cashmere and Alpaca and Jelly Yarn, OH MY!!!

Dateline 930am Saturday September 24th; Dunkin Donuts, 20th and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia

Robin, Wendy, Allison and I meet to embark on our yarn adventure.
Loaded up on caffiene and donuts/bagles (I tried to have a breakfast sandwich, but they put MEAT on it!), we head out across the Ben Franklin Bridge to knitting Utopia.

We arrive around 11am, wide eyed and with money to spend.

Robin, Wendy and Allison...sporting our great Rosie's Tote Bags

We made some major purchases...

I bought some amazing **** for Mom's Christmas Gift
I also bought some hand-dyed Cashmere for a hat
4 skeins of Kureyon in a "Fall-esque" colorway that will become a scarf and hat
some amazing Lorna's Laces sock yarn for grandma's Christmas socks

I saw the Yarn Harlot (she is SOOOOO tiny), the "modular knitting" lady, Iris Scherier (sp?)
and of course, some heinous things. Knowing we were not supposed to take pictures, I went on a recon mission with Robin as my "cover" to photograph my nominee for ugliest thing at Stitches:

This lovely little number for that special little girl in your life is made out of lovely ribbon and fluff yarn with PASTED ON SILK FLOWERS

You couldn't pay me to knit this let alone give it as a gift. The woman at the booth thought we actually LIKED it and was very apologetic that she didn't have a pattern for us...DARN!

The other EXTREMELY frightening thing we saw at Stitches was "Jelly Yarn." Remember Jelly Shoes when we were growing up? Yeah, they weren't good then and the certainly aren't good now turned into yarn with funny little names like, "black licorice, raspberry sorbet and lemon lime ice." I couldn't sneak any photos of this, but I did manage to find a link to their website where you can look and weep for yourself :

Note to the makers of Jelly Yarns, NOVELTY YARNS ARE SO OVER.

Other photos follow below...

Robin ponders Koigu colors for her "ramblin rows" baby blanket. Thankfully, Grace was there to help her through it.

Me, Robin, Allison and Wendy with some of our purchases!!!

More views of our goodies!

This just makes me want to DIVE into the Manos

I have other photos, but Blogger is not cooperating tonight. You all get the point though.

It was a good time. I feel very satisfied by the yarn purchases I made and even more satisfied as I sit on my couch with the feel of alpaca between my fingers...

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Wendy said...

Fab pic of the pink monstrosity! I'm so jealous it's not on my blog. You forgot the part when you know who asked you if your dryer lint scarf was roving.