Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sand and Sewing

Today is my last day of vacation of the Cape...driving back to Philly does not count as vacation.

I took Finney to the beach yesterday. He is so shy around other (stranger) dogs. It is so strange since he is so active and playful with the rest of the pack here.

It was VERY windy at the beach. The sand was whipping around...so we didn't stay long. I snapped a few good shots...

The wind was really blowing those monster ears!

Dad and I also went to Sundae School for our inaugural Coffee Oreo Frozen Yogurt Hot Fudge Sundaes


And, I've finished sewing 6 (yes SIX) pillows for my couch at home.

Mom decided that putting zippers in was the way to go (no hand stitching...I couldn't agree more...but I'm not ready for the zipper foot...so I let her handle that). The pillows are cute and fun and I feel like I've gotten some of the basics down (like putting the RIGHT sides together and sewing on the wrong side).

Another thing I don't love...ironing. Guess that is going to have to change since you have to press EVERYTHING...

God I look so serious sitting behind that sewing machine...

So today...packing...knitting...reading...sleeping...beagles...for one more day

Sunday, May 25, 2008

My muses

It has been a gorgeous weekend up here on the Cape...mild and breezy...with clear blue skies and lots of time outdoors with the beagles.

Of course, they have been posing...here are a few of my favorite beagle moments

Luther Aloysius Morten Bach

Finnegan enjoys his first summer vacation on the cape

Don't give me that look Gus!

Maggie...looking as cute and gorgeous as always

Maggie and Rory have a drink out of the fountain
Maggie's ears are blowing in the wind
Gus enjoys laying out on the cushions in the sun
Finn enjoys the smells of the fresh Cape air
Rory is exhausted!
The sewing is coming along. I've finished two pillows and have four more ready to put together tomorrow...but have to buy more pillow forms/stuffing...so I'm off to Jo-Anns again tomorrow. I'm looking forward to my first sewing class at Spool next Sunday. I am also feeling more confident with making bobbins and threading my machine, doing it tonight without referring to the manual. But what I've decided I do hate...cutting. I am not good a scissors. They feel bulky and awkward in my hands, and being a lefty, it makes it that much more of a challenge. I'm intrigued by the rotary cutters...but want more of a tutorial before I invest.
Also picked up a great book (thanks mom) called "Confederates in the Attic." It's nonfiction and has been keeping me very entertained...between the knitting...sewing...and napping.
Speaking of knitting...I'm going to catch up on the Tudors and get some knitting done.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Ah...the Cape

It's been a week of celebrating and good times. The doggies and I made it safely to the Cape and I received my awesome birthday present from my sister Ali...my sewing machine!

I had my first lesson yesterday and learned how to thread the machine and make a bobbin. I played with the stitch setting and mom even showed me how to turn a corner! I need to familiarize myself with the terminology of sewing (which I keep referring to as knitting). Mom, Grandma and I are heading to Joann's today to purchase some bobbins and needles and maybe even a pattern for a VERY simple project.

Tuesday night was dinner with the gang at Marra's

Thanks to everyone! I had an awesome time!

It was a great birthday. Earlier in the day, I gave a tour of VHUP to a very special pal of mine from Ronald McDonald House. Whenever I asked her what she thought, she responded, "it's amazing." L...you reminded me why I became a social worker...thanks to you and your mom for a very special gift.

Last night, we went to the Ocean House for dinner...this is the view

And this was my chocolate cake with caramel "goo"

I also have been knitting...finally making progress with the Hex-Shawl from JoJoLand. I'm on the third (of 76) Hexagons. Once you get the stitches cast on for each hex, it goes very quickly and is very easy. My recommendation---magic loop and a good set of 32 inch Addi Turbo's. Don't cast on to tightly!!!

The sun in out and I think it is time for a soak in the hot tub...enjoy the Holiday weekend everyone!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008



In 1460 days I will be 40!

And apparently Carolyn ordered a huge cake!

I can't wait!!!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

meltdown, models and such

I've been kind of crazy this week. Work has been busy and I've found myself becoming very attached to a client at Ronald McDonald House. As a result, I drove directly to Allegro's last night, bought two slices of pizza and a piece of cake and proceeded to self medicate with food and the season finale of "America's Next Top Model...congrats to the first "full figured (size 8/10)" winner, Whitney! Said meltdown was managed...until 330am when I was WIDE awake and thinking way too much for my own good. Insomnia continues to suck ass.

HAPPY 9 month birthday Moose...I mean Finnegan! I snapped this photo this am of Gus and Finn spooning...I've never actually seen them do this!

And here he is smiling

And just being the cutest beagle-basset-moose-alligator mix EVER!

So, I'm having lunch at Au Bon Pain on Tuesday, when Ellen says to me, "BEHIND YOU!"

It was Kal Penn...my Indian Love Fantasy. He's been at Penn teaching a seminar all semester and now he was sitting behind me at Au Bon Pain, looking at my cute dog Gussy and acting like any other Joe Schmo having lunch on Locust Walk. Here is the photographic evidence. I apologize for the quality and the stealthness of the photos...but I didn't want to seem like a stalker.

That's him behind me in the yellow tshirt and baseball cap. I LOVE YOU KUMAR!!!!

Heather's shower is Saturday! So much to do...can't wait to post photos of her knitted gifts...more to follow

Thursday, May 08, 2008


So, I might be having major delusions of grandour or just be really stoned as to how much knitting I can do (in reality).

Since I was so organized and behaved at Sheep and Wool...thanks to Ravelry...I've now completed my up and coming knitting list...

1) Finish Lotus Blossom, Pi Shawl and Ribbon Scarf---Already on needles

2) Start Swirl Shawl and Seraphim while on vacation in two weeks

3) Then start Birch and Baltic Sea Stole

I want to accomplish all of these by my vacation beginning July 26th when I will

4) Re-pick up Entrelac Stole, Modern Quilt Wrap and Bell Sleeve Sweater (all already in progress)


5) I will think about the Twinnings Stole and all the things I didn't actually finish, like Kimono Shawl.

So...am I crazy?

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Good intentions

I had EVERY intention of blogging and posting photos from last Friday's Phils game and Maryland Sheep and Wool. I even put my camera in my bag. When I got to work, I opened it to get the memory card out and, the slot was empty! So no photos today, just descriptive witty banter.

I can't believe it is already the 7th of May. Holy Christina Day is fast approaching! Only 13 shopping days left!! haha!

Sheep and Wool was LOADS of fun. I think Mom really enjoyed herself. Maryland certainly has a different feeling than Rhinebeck...more like a fair. I LOVE that we set up "camp bach" in the same place every year and that folks just stop by, knit, eat and visit.

I scored some interesting yarn. I was reserved too! I only spent CASH! No charging anything! I'm very proud and will be even happier when the credit card bill comes next month!

Swag included
Mill ends of silk in a cranberry/wine color---may become Swallowtail. I have about 540 yards. Would be gorgeous for warmer weather.

Alpaca with a twist Lace weight...YUMMMMMMM

Jojoland Melody and Swirl Shawl Pattern (straight from my Ravelry Queue)

Several patterns

Silly buttons I can't find

Festival tote bag

Festival hat


It's boring without the photos...will post later.

Congrats to Trish for liberating herself from HUP! Welcome to the world after HUP---life really is sweeter on this side!

Dogs are good...Finney came to work with me yesterday. I took him over to the hospital and weighed him...he's slowing down, but now has reached Moose status at 51.8 lbs!!!!! He enjoys walking to and from work and flirting shamelessly with every PERSON he encounters. He still has a bit of strange dog phobia...

We go to Cape Cod in a few weeks for vacation...Finney will meet the fountain...I told daddio I was having fears of him falling in. I also want to take him to the beach and see what he does...

Almost done knitting pi shawl for Nan, former HUP secretary who is retiring next week. Pattern is great and quick to knit, but I'm getting bored and am also anxious to finish Lotus Blossom so I can start Seraphim and Swirl Shawl while on vacation.

I see lots of blocking in my future!

Mom is now on Ravelry! Send her a note or add her to your friends---her username is barbbach and her avatar is priceless!