Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Finish Line

...thanks to all for helping me destash. I did really well with the auctions and will be sure to share the fruits of my labor and your spending after I buy new/more yarn at Rhinebeck.

I have been finishing some projects recently; including the first of the twin hats for my neighbor's twins, two socks (although they don't match) and a bulky blue sky scarf with two skeins that actually didn't sell on ebay

Here are the two finished socks and Maggie posing with is the Peak Experience sock in Socks that Rock; colorway "Scottish Highlands." These are for Mom whose birthday is next they aren't going to be done for the birthday, but I'm sure they will be by the time mom visits in November. The second is a simple sock in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock. This was going to be for Grandma, but then I put them on my foot and realized that with gram's skinny little legs and narrow feet these were not going to they are MINE! Will knit another pair for Gram. Mom tells me she wears the others I have knit her all the time :-)

This is the first of the "twin hats." The second is already on the needles, so as to avoid "second hat syndrome." It's Koigu; knit on size 3's. I got this colorway YEAR ago at Stitches and never saw it again. It is so not traditional baby, but screamed fall to me...I think the boys will look SMASHING!

And I did knit a two skein blue sky alpaca bulky scarf, but blogger is not cooperating with the uploading of the you will just have to use your imagination.

Last night at knitting circle, I scored my lace weight, Black Bunny Fibers yarn that Carol dyed for me in "Conch." However, in her unbelievable cuteness, she called the color, "Knitty D's conch" on my labels. I was touched Carol!

I also bought another skein in "jaguar," which is so gorgeous and must be knit for fall...I can't wait!

Finally I scored the yarn for my sister's xmas gift. Allie made it a bit easier on me this year, REQUESTING I knit her the "Purl Scarf" from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I've made this scarf and LOVE I was happy to oblige Allison. I just hope she likes the colors that we (Wendy, Beverly, Courtney, Marilyn and I) picked out after breaking the dowel with the Kidsilk Haze (sorry Court!) Trust me Allie, it is going to be HOT and the subject of a future installment of "Abominable Knitting" on the P-Cast.

Has everyone seen our new website??? Wendy has been working hard to develop our page (thanks to Ronnen too for his help) check it out at

Knitty D and The City dot com!

Peace, Love and Yarn

Knitty D

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Good Cause

Support an organization near and dear to my heart: The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
On September 30th, I'll be walking in the Philadelphia Light the Night Walk in honor of my friend Carolyn's dad who died of Leukemia earlier this year.

As an added bonus, I've also been asked to lead the Rememberance Ceremony prior to the walk! I'm so honored!

I'll be donating a portion of my ebay yarn sales to the Society.
I refer my patients to this wonderful organization every day. They are privately funded and committed to finding a cure for Leukemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma.

If you'd like to sponsor me, drop me a comment! Otherwise, think about walking in Light the Night in your "neck of the woods."

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Sonnet for Spinach

It took me years
to grow to love you
and now that I have
I can't have you

It's sad you know
for me and Popeye
What can we eat?
No salad
No sauteed spinach with lemon and garlic

Damn E. Coli
Damn Diarrhea
How long until my yearning passes
Come back Spinach...
Come back

Monday, September 18, 2006


Here is the link to my ebay items up for sale

Help Knitty D de-stash!


Sunday, September 17, 2006


-sleeping (sort of)
-snuggling beagles

I'm just a neglectful blogger. I think it was really a difficult week. I was incredibly sad on Monday with the anniversary of 9/11. I couldn't even come close to writing about it. On top of it, all I did, all week long, was hospice referrals. Day after day since last Friday. I know, it goes with the territory when one works by day as an oncology social worker...but the death even gets to me sometimes. Thankfully, Friday brought a repreive from death and dying talk; but not from yet another case of man with wife AND girlfriend! (ie major family crisis, Jerry Springer like family meetings complete with chair throwing).

To get past that angst, Julie, Elizabeth and I went to Audrey Claire for restaurant week. YUMMY! I give it a thumbs up. Also been plugging away at matching Koigu baby hats for my neighbor's twins and Ana's Black Bunny Half Pi Shawl. AND could this week get any better, what with Survivor, Amazing Race, Top Model and Grey's Anatomy premieres???????

I am shipping out the first order of Knitty D and the City stitch markers to the Cape Cod Crew! AND, I'm in the process of posting my yarn for sale on ebay! Thanks to Wendy for helping me plow through the stash. I'm down to 1 bin of Koigu (KPPPM), 1 small bin of Kersti, 1 bin of Noro, 1 bin of Anne and 1 bin of "others." I'll put a link up to my ebay listing once I'm done...but let me just say I have about 40 or so "lots" to post. PLEASE FUND MY NEW IPOD AND TRIP TO RHINEBECK! SHOP EARLY AND OFTEN!

So, I pose this question to my readers...just how much money should I take to Rhinebeck?????

Must go do lesson plans for class this week...I will TRY to be a better blogger...promise.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Kisses kisses

THANKS SO MUCH for the support and amazing comments!

It means so much to me to "feel the love" after a week of extreme work drama (AND I ONLY WORKED THREE DAYS), knitting world drama and tomorrow is my first day of teaching at Temple. I'm terrified! DRAMA!!!

Must knit now and work off tension...

PS Wendy and I are making AWESOME beaded stitch markers! Look for our Etsy shop soon!

Thursday, September 07, 2006


To echo Carol's post about a comment frenzy on her blog, I say enough already!

Wendy and I were mentioned in the latest issue of "Yarn Market News," and their write up of podcasts. WE DID NOT solicit this write up or have any input into the writing of the article. But, the last line implied that "Lime and Violet," another knitting podcast was a "knockoff" of us (THEIR WORDS NOT OURS!). This has started a maylay of nasty comments on Lime and Violet's message boards.

I did not agree to podcast with Wendy to return to this high school like land of he said she said, does s/he like me? I do it out of pure love of knitting, talking about yarn, visiting yarn shops and BONDING with fellow knitters. If you don't like it, don't listen. Don't make me feel crappy with nasty comments about my opinions. They are MY OPINIONS and the last time I checked the constitution, I'm entitled to them.

I said this on the podcast, and to my mom so many times, "knitting is a hobby, not a competetion." I don't want to be better than anyone else-I just want to have fun with what I'm doing---if this is what is going to happen though when we are COMPLIMENTED (and really haven't even been able to enjoy this!) then I really don't care to do it anymore. I can go back to be a blogger very easily living life fairly anonymously with my random readers.

So read what you will, write what you will, listen to what you will...but don't trash me took me years to get past the psychic scars of adolescence and I'm not interested in doing it again.

Knitty D

Friday, September 01, 2006


I'm still enjoying the spoils of Cape Cod. Wendy arrived yesterday and we have been to FOUR yarn shops AND the Lobster Pot lady's studio ALREADY! Wendy scored some hot Anne, handpainted mohair and Great Adirondeck Alpaca. I've been a bit more restrained...haha. I bought a skein of decadent Frog Tree sock yarn in a colorway that is near and dear to my heart, Scargo. Scargo Lake is a gorgeous spot on Cape Cod not far from where the folks live. I also bought some Sheaffer mohair loop that looks a bit bouchle-ish. It is in colorway Renata Tabaldi. HOT HOT HOT. Then the lobster pot lady offered me (1) her business (to buy in a few years...very tempting) and (2) some orphan skeins of lobster pot cashmere in worsted weight...yum.
Wendy just killed a dozen local oysters and a martini...I went with the shrimp cocktail and my own martini. Anyway, tomorrow we go on a pre-Ernesto Whale Watch (if there aren't gale force winds) and continue to work hard on the next episode of the podcast...hope it dries out for some of my readers...and for those where it is raining, curl up with a good knitting project and GET YOUR KNIT ON!