Thursday, June 29, 2006

Yarn diet and other things

My sister reminded me (coaxed me) that I haven't written a blog in the last week.
I realized I have absolutely no idea where the last week has gone; so let's try to piece it together.

Last Saturday was KNIT O RAMA--summer solitice style. Fresh out of declaring myself on a yarn "purchasing" diet, Merrill, Janet, Michelle, Wendy and I broke out into an all out swap-o-rama. I scored 2 skeins of Anne, a bunch of koigu and some gorgeous Alchemy "alpaca pure."
We ate like fiends, points friendly food of course, and we all anxiously await our emails from Robin with the recipe for "Fruit Salsa." I don't know how much KNITTING we actually got done, though Trish won the award for most productive knitting in the afternoon--she's making a Blue Sky Alpaca baby blanket for her soon to be born niece. That kid is going to be well dressed and warm. Wendy came in a close second, knitting a little pink cardigan for her niece. The rest of us did a lot of chit chatting and not so much knitting. The party went late into the evening and I don't know about you gals, but I am ready to do it again!

Sunday, I had an internal disaster; two actually. I went downstairs in the am to find that my freezer door had been open all night. I had to toss EVERYTHING. On top of this, Molly had diarrhea (there is nothing worse than doggie diarrhea, trust me). And, Trish and I had tix to see the Wyeth exhibit at 10am---all the clean-up detail made me a little crazy and thus a little late.

The exhibit was wonderful. I had no idea of the scope of Wyeth's work into the expression of feelings of loss, grief and death. I felt an instant connection.

This week has been marred by the Phillies losing 7 games straight, my own terrible GI distress resulting in a 7 pound weight loss (!) and finally, poor Molly has a "dental root abscess." We spent the last two evenings at VHUP/Dr Soli's. She looks as though someone punched her in the cheek. She's on lots of antibiotics and hopefully the presumed infection will resolve. Of course, if it doesn't, we get to talk about the "t" word (tumor). Think good thoughts for Tiny Molly.

So, knitting. Well, I'm onto the center panel of the North Sea Shawl, but I'm less than motivated to work on it---I really have to concentrate on the center panel because every odd row is different. No more auto pilot lace knitting. Instead I decided to try to get back on track with socks. I'm knitting a rockin' pair out of the koigu scraps I collected during the swap. I'm also making nice progress on Dad's sweater.

Maggie reminded me this week why I knit socks using the "magic loop." Addi turbos are much harder for a beagle to chew than double pointed bamboo needles. I love this dog...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I finished a project!

Yeah the placket neck baby sweater is done!
The arms are grafted...the ends woven in!

That was

Knitting To Do List-Part 2

So I perused my knitting patterns last night and here is what I've come up with
(Priority Scale is 1-5 with 1 being highest)

1. Spray Sweater in Rowan Plaid ---Priority 5
2. Ribber Sweater for Dad (Xmas gift) from Summer '06 Interweave--Priority 1.5
3. Shetland Triangle from Wrap Style--in Basil Zepyhr for Allison for Xmas--
Priority 2
4. Estonian Garden Shawl in Frog Tree Alpaca Lace Weight for Grandma for Xmas--Priority 2
5. Odessa Hat in Rowan Cashsoft DK from Magknits--Priority 5
6. Print O' the wave shawl in Peacock Zepyhr (I really WANT to make this next, but shouldnt be a selfish knitter, priority 4)
7. Bed of Roses Shawl from in Anne (Again I want to make this one REALLY BADLY but...priority 4)
8. Half Pi-Grace's version in Anne--Someone pooped on the first one I made, I could whip this out quickly--priority 3
9. Kimono Shawl in Brooks Farm Limited Edition for Mom for Xmas, priority 1.5
10. Kilkenny Cable Shawl in BlackWater Abbey Priority 5
11. Fir Cone Shawl in Zephyr? Priority 5
12. Birds Nest Shawl in Helen's Laces Black Purl (doubled) Priority 5
13. Sarah Blanch Variation in multi koigus--priority 4 (mindless knitting = higher priority)
14. Log Cabin Blanket from Mason Dixon knitting in Silk Garden and Cash Iroha-God knows I don't need a blanket for a while-Priority 7
15. Cavendish Throw from Simply Noro in Silk Garden and Cash Iroha (see above) priority 8

That's a whole lot of knitting...I think the moral of this story is NO MORE YARN UNTIL RHINEBECK. I need a sponsor...Wendy, Heather? Help me. The first step is admitting you have a problem...My problem is I have too much knitting to do (NO, it is not that I buy too much yarn!) It is time to dumb down the stash and get some of these projects moving. Also, the Purple Room Yarn Sale is happening SOON.
So, any suggestions?

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My knitting TO DO list--part 1

I had a sad realization tonight...I have a lot of knitting that I want/need/plan to do.
What does the typical, overly organized girl do when feeling overwhelmed by tasks?
She makes a list:

List 1---Currently on the needles and being worked on actively
1. Child's Placket Neck Pullover in Kersti-95% done, baby due in September
2. North Sea Shawl-40% done-generally pretty boring at this point but almost done with the 14 pattern repeat that begins the shawl, then I knit the middle section, which is two different patterns, then I knit another end and graft the whole thing together. If this was the ONLY thing I was working on, I could finish it in about 2 weeks.
3. Clapotis-50% done-so boring I can't bring myself to work on it, BUT on the other hand, I am thinking I am going to force myself to just finish the darn thing
4. Black Silk Stole-1% done and getting scrapped. I tried my outfit on for Annie's wedding tonight and I really don't need a knitted lace stole. Also, realistically, I won't finish the Debbie Bliss Pure Silk is getting returned (for store credit) to Loop
5. Baby Sweater for Justin 30%-taking FOREVER. I'm trying to decide if I really want to finish it or if I want to scrap it, and make another placket neck pullover (since it only took a couple of weeks and I've mastered the pattern). I'm knitting the current version in Rowan Cotton Glace that I scored out of the sale bin, but I'm finding it tedious (didn't want to use the word boring again) and I really do enjoy knitting with the Kersti. PS I also have several skeins of Kersti in the stash that I could use for Justin's sweater.
6. Grandma's Lorna's Laces Socks--45% done. Severe case of second sock syndrome and I haven't even finished the first sock. This does not bode well. I wax and wane with socks, right now I'm waning big time. They are perfect for conference knitting---so I need to go to a conference, soon, if they are going to get done.

List 2--Stuff I want to make and have the yarn for...the subject of my next blog
I am going to go surround myself in bed wth my summer of lace notebook and other patterns to do some planning...and I promise I will TRY to be realistic. But, you know what they say, "so much yarn, so little time."

Maybe I should just keep pressing my EASY button...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Summer Solstice...

Well the heat and humidity of summer has settled into Philadelphia--I took advantage and headed to Carolyn's for an evening in the pool, then the hot tub, then canoodling with the noodle, Justin. Justin was a star last night--he ended up on the Jumbotron/Fan-o-vision at the Phillies game! I was screaming, "that's Justin! That's Justin!" There he was in his Phillies Jersey booping around to "Hey Ya!" That kid is going to be FAMOUS he is so damn cute.

I did manage to rip out the placket neck baby sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts that I'm knitting in Kersti. I conviently forgot to decrease for the back raglans! Duh! So there I sat in my office, watching an episode of "Scrubs" on my IPOD ("My half-acre" one of the funniest half hours of TV this year! All hail the Air Band!), ripping out 8 or 9 rows of the yoke until the arms fell off, then picking stitches back up and getting them back on the needles in the right order, in the right direction. Thankfully, it is all back together and I got it re-knitted while at the Phillies Yankees game last night. So, I'm back up to the placket, dividing for front and back and trying to get something actually DONE!

Speaking of the game last rocked. One of the best games I've seen in a long time.
Knit-o-rama in just a few days girls! We are going to have a rockin good time! Remember POINTS FRIENDLY treats!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Knitting Karma

The knitting goddess don't like me these days because I keep messing everything up


so today I'll be ripping....lots of ripping

Saturday, June 17, 2006

A open letter to the Philadelphia Phillies

Dear Phils

Okay, it is the middle of June and I have yet to rant. So, watch out, here it comes, YOU SUCK.

Where should I begin? Let's start with my least favorite Phillie, David Bell. You are stinkin' up the place. Your defense is shotty---iffy at best. Don't even get me started on your time in the batters box. Your days in a major league (albeit Phillies) uniform are numbered my friend. I don't care if you are a baseball legacy. You stink. Get off my baseball diamond and feign another back injury.

Owner's Manuel---I know you took one for the team the other night getting tossed; but that is about all you do well. It's time to fire the manager. Dear Upper Management, I'm available.

The Starting Rotation...What starting rotation? Who are these guys? I feel for our middle relievers and closers because you are giving them so much playing time. Maybe we should put all your assess in the bullpen and let Arthur Rhodes and Tom Gordon start games...really, could it be any worse? They are starting some guy tonight, just up from Reading...should be Fugly...again and we are playing the G** D*** last place Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Opposing pitchers are hitting .230! against us! PITCHERS!!!

Bobby Abreu...what uniform will you be wearing after the trade deadline...not the red pinstripes on a Phillies uniform I fear. I see Shane Victorino taking over duties in right field. With regular playing time, his offense will pick up...and he is certain faster and more agile in the field.

On the brighter side---Pat Burrell still has the best ass is baseball.
--I imagine a Ryan Howard--Chase Utley sandwich, and I like it.
Two words, CRAB FRIES

Get your crap together Phils. The division is weak, the rocket can't bring the 'stros back into playoff contention...and the Mets...well, will they fade?

Your number "one" fan


Thursday, June 15, 2006


Philly Council passes smoking ban!!

Now we can knit in bars and NOT worry about our yarn smelling like an ashtray!
I can't wait!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Always a bridesmaid...

I survived wedding #1 in style. Sure, I "lost" my shoes sometime during the middle of dinner and "found" my purple flip flops...I was much more comfortable

So here is to Elizabeth and Kevin and much happiness for them...
Here are some photos...
Elizabeth, before the vows...
Elizabeth and Kevin...a married couple!
The bridal party
The HUP bunch
Hey, that's me with my arms exposed!!!
yummmmm CAKE
The GORGEOUS bride
Heather and Me

All in all, it was a joyous, lively, elegant affair. Glen Foerd is a magical place, with impeccable staff. It was the first place I'd been too where I would consider getting hitched...if only the "interviewing of candidates" was going better. Check it out at

I have done squat for knitting and yes, I know I have show notes to write for episode 6 of KnittyD and the City...but recovery from bridesmaid-ness is hard work, and I had ticket to the Phillies-Mets tonight. I have to stop going to Phillies - Mets games...I don't know who to cheer for...

So I've got to get busy with knitting asap...they say it will be in the 90's all weekend, so I see me sitting in front of the A/C knitting and watching movies all weekend. That should facilitate getting some serious work done on these projects. I facilitated some major yarn sluttage by my mom while she was visiting. I so proud I can help other with their yarn addictions.

Well, it is late and the beagles want to snuggle

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I, like my compatriot Wendy, have been diagnosed with a serious case of cast-on-ocrosis; resulting in the ever piling up stash of UFOs and new project ideas consuming me!

Last night, I was dreaming about my Koigu half pi shawl that I am going to make. I have been inspired by Michelle and Wendy and went to my Traditional Knitted Lave Shawls book for instruction and inspiration. I can't decide if I am going to do the one in the book called "fan stitch half circle shawl" OR if I am going to (gasp) wait to cast on until class starts on July 8th and make this my shaped shawls project (ie coming up with my own pattern). I've also started the "placket neck childs pullover" from Last Minute Knitted Gifts for my sister from another mother, Sara and baby Gretchen in the oven. That is going really quickly---I could knit it in my sleep. I have a conference day on Friday and am hoping to get some serious knitting done as this weekend is the wedding weekend and thus, the knitting will likely be going to pot.

I knit a few rows, post Maggie eating of the yarn, of the North Sea Shawl; but again, I'm bored.
I just need to push on through to the other side so I can start my mom's Kimono Shawl (I'm dying to use the Brooks Farm stuff I got a sheep and wool) Then I've got these three monster hanks of cherry tree...what the hell was I thinking? Why did I need to by THREE hanks of this yarn? I'm thinking ebay for one of them...

I was checking out the website for New York State Sheep and Wool; Wendy and I are planning a road trip; she's already booked our hotel room and enticed me into a second night with, "what would you rather do, drive home 4 hours or lay around in the hotel room covered in yarn?" Pretty simple choice dont you think? Anyway, I told Wendy we better save some SERIOUS cash before October. There are MANY more vendors than at Maryland...oh quel damage!?!?!?
What are we going to do?

Trish just told me we are going to POD for free for lunch tomorrow---giddyup, I love vendor lunches.

Monday, June 05, 2006

I got rings! and I like to wear them on my head! Posted by Picasa

Daddy! Enough of the frosting! Posted by Picasa

I'm one now WATCH OUT Posted by Picasa

Justin's Birthday Party Posted by Picasa

Thursday, June 01, 2006

My cute bagels on the Cape


Gus was channeling Max in this photo; this area of the back yard is called, "the Casey and Max memorial gardens." Our beloved boys are buried here...Guess Gussy wanted some advice from his older brothers on how to handle his sister's shanagins.

Sadness and Intrepedation

I'm back...this sucks.

It is hot ( my house has already turned into a brick oven)

Work...blah blah blah

I want to be back on the Cape, sitting in the backyard, sipping diet coke with splenda and photographing my dogs...

And the knitting...oh the knitting...I think I am sad because I'm not near finishing ANYTHING.
The clap is BORING the heck out of me...
The shawl is fine but moving along slowly...
And I have like 46 other projects I want to start (and not finish)