Sunday, September 04, 2005

Sitting on the couch with my dog

come on, sing it to the tune of "Sittin' by the dock of the bay..."
Seriously, I am sitting on the couch and Gus is laying on top of me. If he could type on the blog at this point I believe he would.

I love three day weekends. Even though I worked today for 4 hours, it still felt manageable because I have tomorrow off. I wasted the rest of the day away with work pal Julie, having brunch at Marathon and then being catty in Rittenhouse Square commenting on some downright BAD fashion. Given the events of the week and my generalized bad attitude, it felt pretty darn good. Then ventured to Rosie's where I purchased the yarn for Mike's Christmas gift. So at this point I've got everyone covered for xmas (except mom) and all the yarn I need and a serious amount of knitting to do. I FINALLY finished the sleeves of the Silk Garden Sweater and have started the front. I'm going to plug through it with hopes of finishing it before the end of Sept. That leaves me two and a half months for holiday knitting...totally doable as one and a half weeks is vacation!!!

Maggie continues to eat everything in her path. Today she killed my favorite Teva flip flops and a new throw pillow I had purchased for the lounge. BEATCH! She also TRIED to eat a tube of Sunscreen but I stopped her before it got ugly.

It took me 2 +++ hours but I listed ALL my yarn for sale on ebay. Let's hope I make some cash-o-la. Tomorrow I clean the first floor and do laundry. Planning to get up early and get the chores done so I can waste the afternoon napping, knitting and doing sudoku puzzles,

Peace, love and beagles

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