Saturday, August 13, 2005

Vegetable Lasagna

Seinfeld moment of the day: Episode "The Butter Shave."
While Kramer covering himself in butter as a moisturizer is quite funny, the real funny part of this episode is Elaine and Puddy's return from traveling through Europe. They are ready to kill each other as David attempts to figure out how many Kroner he has. This reminded me and mom and I and our trip in May/June. How many nights did we sit in our cabin/hotel room and try to figure out just how many Euro/Pence and Pounds we had? And what kind of tip did we really give that waitress at Heathrow as we unloaded all of those "p's?" God...that was a riot momala. Good times...Good times.

So today's forcast is for the mercury to top out around 99 with a heat index around 110. Last evening, on the 11 o'clock news, they compared Philadelphia to Miami. It was just 1 degree warmer in Miami. However, it never really snows in Miami, does it? Maybe this is a sign that it is time to move to Miami. Then again, hurricanes. Lots of pros and cons...lots of pros and cons.

By the way, TO has to GO. We can win without him. Go Eagles!
Phillies win in SD...I have tix Monday night and can't wait to get me so CRAB FRIES with Heather.

Must go jockey for space in front of A/C with beagles

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Sean said...

interesting, how can you be a Mets fan AND a Phillies fan? Doesn't make sense. I love the Mets, hate the Yankees and by default, very much dislike the Phillies as well, especially that Pat Burrell.