Sunday, August 14, 2005

Chris' Best of Philly

I ventured out into the heat today...for various reasons but mostly to get "de-sasquatched" at Adolph Beicker. While out, I picked up a copy of Philly Mag's annual "Best of Philly" issue---to see what I was "missing." I decided after reading that I wasn't missing much and decided to compile my own list. To my Philly friends, feel free to post your fav's of Philly too!

Best Dinner Out for Under $10
Lakeside Chinese Deli (and I'm not talking just dim sum, I'm talking hard core yummy, multi-course, 2 main dish dinner)

Best Lakeside Companions
Heather and Allison

Best West Philly Ethnic Food
New Delhi (Indian)--And they DELIVER to HUP and HOME!
Vientiane (Laotian/Thai)

I plea the fifth re the multitude of Ethiopian places as this is not my cup of tea.

Best commuting tool after the IPOD
The 445 Penn Bus; door to door transport from the HUP to 46th Street; and always a seat!

Best companions
Molly, Maggie and Gussy

Best Addition to Philadelphia Fast Food Choices
The Chick-Fil-A at the IKEA plaza in South Phila

Best Ice Cream Concoctions
Choco Ice Cream, Nutella and Sugar Cookie Dough at Scooooope DeVille
Founders Favorite with Cake Batter Ice Cream at Cold Stone Creamery

Best thing to do when dogs are fighting over a greenie
Squirt with squirt gun! Do not attempt to separate dogs manually

Best way to the HUP ER after a dog bite
The 42 Bus (who needs a cab voucher?!)

Best thing about Marathon
Thursday night Matzoh Ball Soup
Banana Smoothie with Choco Fro Yogurt

Best thing about STRIKES bowling "lounge"
The smoke machine that makes it almost impossible to aim for the pins

Best thing about summer in West Phila

Top 3 places to hang out on a hot Sunday afternoon
Cosi (with an iced latte to boot)
Barnes and Noble
The Subaru

Best Saturday Activites
BREW adoption days
Shopping at Home Depot
Watching Netflix movies and remembering why I hate going to the movies

Best thing about Phila Airport
The International Terminal

Best All Around Esthetician
Kin at Adolph Biecker; who waxes my brows and pampers me with facials

That's all I can come up with for now...I'll keep adding things (granted much of it has to do with this weekend!)

PS Finished and felted bag...will post tomorrow

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