Monday, August 29, 2005

I love the internet

Seriously, what did we do without the internet. I try, really hard, to imagine my life, pre-email, pre-tetris, pre-ofoto/snapfish, pre-bookmarks. It just isn't possible to live the way we do today without the internet is it?

Exhibit A-Maggie finished off the TV remote in my bedroom tonight (she'll be 1 year old in 3 weeks and everyone assures me the chewing MAGICALLY gets better when she hits that milestone). A few weeks ago, after her first attempt to injest it, I bought a universal replacement remote. It worked GREAT, until I dropped it and the batteries fell out (also eaten by Maggie), and I didn't replace them in time for the magic remote to remember the codes. Then, of course, the manual magically disappeared (not eaten by Maggie). So I've got an eaten remote and one that doesn't work because I lost the code sheet. Well don't you know, there is a website with links to ALL universal remote secret code pages? And that, within 3 minutes, I was linked to Sony's webpage, opening acrobat and finding the secret code for my remote. I programmed it and it worked immediately. I wrote the code number down and will record it here, so when this all happens again, it will be a much easier reprogram; my magic number is 59.

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