Sunday, August 21, 2005


Is this Maggie or Luther????

Luther LOVES rawhide!

The twins; Maggie (left) and Luther

Meet Luther, my foster dog. For anyone who is considering a pup, think about adopting Luther. He is truly a rescue who needs to find his "forever home." I've had him for a few hours now and I am utterly in love with him. Maggie and Luther are either 1)soulmates or 2) long lost siblings.
Luther likes rawhide and chew toys. They keep him very busy; but he doesn't seem agressive with them.
He's a classic tri-color beagle who MUST have been in a home before as he climbs stairs like a champ. He didn't like being in the car in the crate, but after I took him out and let him sit with me, he did great for the rest of the trip from Baltimore.
ISN'T He SWEET?!?!?!
If you can't adopt a dog, consider donating to BREW Beagle Rescue and help support me and other beagle foster mom's support these lovely dogs! Check out

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