Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Luther's rough day

I am SOOOOOO Handsome

Maggie and Luther finally konk out

They hear a bell on TV and instantly wake up

Dear Daddy, I can't wait to come to my forever home and sleep on your heart!

Luther has had a rough day...actually Luther is fine...I am traumatized. Luther somehow escaped from my FENCED IN yard this morning. When I realized he was gone, he was exploring the yard of my neighbor three doors down. Everyone had left for work, so I was left to try to get into the back alley and retrieve him. I running around the neighborhood, in a skirt, screaming "Luther, Luther!" I come to the alley only to find that some new neighbors had re-fenced and PADLOCKED the alley. I'm frantic and climb a four foot wall, in the skirt, holding on to the upper part of the fence. There he is. I call him and he comes to me immediatley. He knows his name is Luther (sorry dad!) and I carried him home...relieved but still a bit frantic.

When I came home from work, Luther tried to escape again through the same place, under the porch. I shored up the opening. Hopefully there will be no more escapes. Then tonight, Luther was attacked by Ms. Aggressive, Molly, resulting in his ear being pierced and a gorgeous spatter of blood all over the couch and subsequently, the bathroom. He LOVES baths. He loves even more being wrapped in a towel and held like a baby. I also heard him howl and bark today and he has discovered the stash of squeeky toys throughout the house.

On another note, my new issue of Knitters arrived and it is an absolute train wreck. I will be having a ceremonial burning of it at Knitting Circle tomorrow night for all of you that want to participate in the exorcism of bad knitting design.


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