Thursday, May 05, 2005

Welcome to Knitty Delicious

Hi all
This is my first post on my first blog.
I'm so excited...I don't know where to begin.

A little about knitty delicious...This is the name of my fantasy yarn shop in Cape Cod.
At my fantasy yarn shop, there is always delicious yarn, delicious scones ( made by my mom of course) and delicious coffee. We knit outside on the back patio, smelling the sweet Ocean air and reveling in the gorgeous Cape days (I imagine as the Kennedy's often do).
I am no longer a practicing MEDICAL social worker at knitty delicious; but I practice the art of knitting social work---I talk to the yarn, to the knitter, to explore the greater issues deeply imbedded in even the simplest of garter stitch patterns. My business is, of course, successful and I am FINALLY able to master lace knitting...yes these are my knitty delicious dreams.

In reality...Im running around preparing for my first trip across the pond; I leave for the British Isles with momala (maker of scones) two weeks from tomorrow. I'm trying to decided just how much yarn/knitting projects I can take with me...Sadly I just learned that British Airways does not allow needles on board, so everything will have to be packed into my checked luggage. How can a fiberholic expect to be without a good sock yarn for that long!

So what am I working on? Having FINALLY finished my portion of the baby blankets from hell (ie the "Circle of Friends Blanket" from last minute knited gifts) I'm back to my ADD knitting with several things going at once...I'll post pics soon..but so far I've got a Tagliatelli Shrug from the latest issue of Interweave, a pair of socks (I use the word pair so loosely as I have a serious case of second sock syndrome), a scarf made out of this gorgeous skein of Prism's Cool Stuff in pinks, reds and black...I'm thinking it will look hot of the cruise...oh and also a Koigu Kersti baby sweater, also from last minute knitted gifts.
My knitting ability has been stunted lately however because of beagle pup maggie, who just LOVES yarn. She will eat yarn that is on a ball, in a bag, already knitted, on a name it. Thankfully, I can always buy more.

So that's my first BLOG as "knitty d"
I look foward to our online virtual chats about our favorite subject---yarn
Once I figure out how to post pics...I will, including of the yarn eating beagle

Knitty D

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