Monday, February 06, 2006

The Puppy Bowl

Running in the door last night after a fabu dinner at Carolyn's, my phone rang. It was Allison (sister) proclaiming, "Are you watching the puppy bowl?" I knew a bit of Animal Planet's answer for those who don't want to watch football. Basically, it is a stadium shaped set, complete with rope and squeeky toys and a water bowl equipped with a "bowl cam" and 8-10 adorable puppy's running around and playing with each other. When one poops, they get a penalty.
Not only was I mesmorized by the carefree puppies, but so was Maggie. There she sat on the foot stool, starring intently at her compatriots.

Here's a link to the website

Needless to say, I Tivo'ed three hours of Puppy Bowl from 12am-3.


Anonymous said...

I found Puppy Bowl II accidentally while channel surfing before the game. Found myself strangely mesmerized. Checked in again later and saw the Kitty Half Time Show. So happy to hear others watched too!

Wendy said...

Go Team Philly! Can you email with the details re Fri? I don't remember your address, and I'm not sure what time the Road to Cast-On kicks off!

Puppy Bowl????