Monday, February 13, 2006

More snow...more bear...more dogs!

Blogger was pissed at me yesterday when I was trying to post photos, so I figured I'd just do it today at work where I have a T1 line and time to kill before knitting...I mean care coordination rounds.

Molls and I have a moment as we watch it snow

Dad's new Tiger socks; aren't they FETCHING!

The foot of snow gathered on my patio table

The backyard

This was the view looking out my back door

Blogger continues to be pissy about adding more photos to this post, so I'll have to write another one for the updated bear photos.

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Beppe said...

i like the snow!

Sherry W said...

At least blogger didn't eat your template file as you where tryingto upload files. It took me hours to fix it.

Do the puppies like snow?