Sunday, February 19, 2006

A Beary Good Finish

It was a no armed, no eyed Baby Bobbi Bear

And then there was an arm...

YEAH it's done! With eyes and a nose!!!

Yellow roses for the Gold Medal Winning Performance

(actually they were from Mom and Dad for Valentine's Day)

Here's me, posing with Mr Chocolate.


Sherry W said...

YAY! He's so cute and good job on the face! I hate sewing on the face (and I like to sew). My doll faces kind of look lopsided and uneven, very serial-killer-esque.

Anonymous said...

Bobby Bear is adorable! You are an inspiration to me--team slacker--still working on easy ruffle edge scarf.
Your bonus is the ability to move onto those fab new projects.
This is also my incentive to finish aforementioned scarf.