Sunday, February 12, 2006

The power of moguls

Dateline: Day 2 of Olympic Knitting
Philadelphia, PA

Trish and I got together again last night to encourage ourselves and our projects along.
I am happy to report that Baby Bobbi Bear is coming along much better on size 5 needles (you read right, SIZE 5!). Trish also is making splendid progress on her Koigu baby sweater. We decided that watching Moguls was very motivating. We got some "good air" as we sat on the couch knitting feverishly.

Here is our progress: This is baby bear's butt

Baby Bear's Body

I stopped here for the evening with the body and one leg of baby bear done. Trish is moving along at a feverish pace; she'll be finished with the back of that sweater in NO TIME.

I do, by the way, hate NBC's broadcasting of the Olympics. There are things going on LIVE right now in Torino, but we have to wait until 3pm to see their over edited pretty versions of prelim rounds and until primetime to see any medal performances. Sadly, while watching winter storm coverage on MSNBC, they ran today's results; so I already know the BODE was a bunch of HYPE!

See next blog for my snow footage...

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