Saturday, February 11, 2006

Knitting Olympics Kick Off Party

Some of Team Philly gathered at the Bach house last night for a rocking, weight watchers friendle kick off party.

Here we are with our projects:

Trish is making a cute little baby sweater with alternating multi and solid Koigu.

It is on TEENY TINY little needles, so even though the project is small, Trish has a LOT of knitting to do

Team Baby Bobbi Bear; Elizabeth, Heather, Me and Maggie. The bears are easy enough, but about two inches into it, I realized mine was REALLY loose and there was no way stuffing wasn't going to fly out of it. I ripped it out and swatched again and am now contemplating going down to a size 5 from a size 9! Oye!

Wendy and her baby blanket. Wendy is a Speed Knitter; she already finished the first color of the blanket last night!

Heather got a bit angry when she realized she started knitting backwards in the round AND her bear was also coming out very loose. She stepped away from the knitting at this point.

I got some coaching from Team Philly Coach/Disabled Knitter Allison regarding my guage!

All and all, it was a somewhat successful knitting evening (mostly for Wendy). The ceremonies themselves were somewhat lame, my favorite part being the ski jumper and the armani clad Italian Olympic team. Will keep posting on the progress of the bears.

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Merrill Mason said...

Knit on, Christina!