Monday, October 03, 2005


Knitty D is officially doing a whole lot of nothing and will be blogging sparingly in the next week...

But first a few updates:

1) Dear Phillies; good effort. I never thought you would be in it until the last game of the season.
Can't wait until next season

2) Molly's diagnosis is confirmed...she has Cushings. We start meds when wer return

3) Cape Cod in October is the bomb.

4) I REALLY must love beagles, as I slept with 4 of them in the bed with me last night (Gus, Maggie, Harry and Luther)

5) I am so glad Luther is a Bach beagle

6) I'm knitting like a fiend. Vacation rules

1 comment:

synaesthetica said...

O.M.G! Vacation for an enitre week? Knitting, the Cape, and dogs in bed? I'm so jealous! Not envious...J E A L O U S; the green type. Bliss to you, Christina!