Monday, October 17, 2005

My new stuff

Mom and I had a very productive Saturday.
I purchased a new washer and dryer.

Here's a photo of their gorgeousness

Actually this is only the dryer; the photo of the washer didn't want to cooperate. Needless to say, they are gorgeous. Energy saving with touch pads (no knobs!). We will be having a washer/dryer christening in a few weeks after the are delivered.

Mom and I also purchased some new chairs at IKEA and created a "knitting nook," on the first floor. We actually put them together in record time, 40 minutes from start to finish

Isn't it PRETTY! Cool thing is, the dogs won't go near them because they rock a bit.

All in all, our shopping was very successful. I am very proud of my home improvements.
Knit-a-rama was also a raging success, but Wendy was in charge of photographing the day, so we will have to look at her blog for those, www://
The silk garden sweater is one inch away from being done. I've also started a very cool combo of Noro Iro and Kochoran and some cool socks for grandma for Christmas.
Photos will follow

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