Thursday, October 27, 2005

An utter disaster

To all my friends who were there to see me proudly pick up the Silk Garden sweater last will never see it again. I raced home to finish the neck. When I was done, I tried to on. I looked in the mirror, HORRIFIED. It was a huge, monster truck sized monstrosity of nastiness hanging from my body. Did I mention it was enormous? It would fit a line backer with a full set of pads on. Here is what I have learned from this terrible knitting disaster

(1) I cannot wear drop shoulder sweaters. Even though I may be a "bigger"girl, my shoulders are strangely narrow. Any extra bulk in this area = linebacker status. Must now only look for sweaters with shaped cap, set in sleeves.

(2) I am not as big as I think I am. (I guess this should make me feel good)

(3) It's time to take my measurements again so as to avoid disaster with the $180 worth of Noro Transitions I just scored off of ebay. I will also work deligently with my knitware design books and other sweaters that have fit (both knitted and bought from the store) to design my own line of Christina friendly sweaters.

(4) Knitting f**k-ups give me chest pain

(5) Alcohol helps

(6) Does anyone want to help me rip out the silk garden?

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