Tuesday, October 04, 2005

My 200th post!!

Welcome to my 200th blog.
I am camping out away from the Joyhouse this afternoon, sipping a latte and smelling the good smells of Borders---ever notice how book stores smell????

Here, as promised, are some photos of the whale watch:

Humpback Whale, swimming towards our boat

Mom and Calf Humpbacks

There she blows!!

Mom humpback doing a full breach

baby humpback breaching in the distance

The whale watch was soooooo great! I don't think these pics can do it justice. I hadn't been on one in some time, so I'm glad this one was so successful.

My other adventure has been with Luther. I took the two twins (Luther and Maggie) to the doggie park this am. That is the last time I will do that. After about 15 mins Luther escaped. I gave chase through some thick brush (a machete would have helped) and am all cut up to prove it. After about 15 mins, and with Maggie's help (she is the heroine today!) we reclaimed Luther was his romp in the woods and I carried him 1/2 mile back to the car. I really love that dog. I also did not want to have to explain to my parents that I had lost him. Thanks to the higher power for that one. Okay, time to shop at Borders and then head home.

Knitty D

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