Saturday, October 29, 2005

And now for something completely different...the washer!

My appliance makeover is complete, the washer arrived today around 330. It is as lovely as the dryer. I can't believe how much crap I can fit into it. Right now, I have one queen size blanket and three throws and I still think there was more room for more crap! Amazing!
Even more amazing is that it is 1043 PM and I am doing laundry.

I also installed a digital thermostat BY MYSELF! No man required.
And finally in the home improvement department this weekend, a new shower head.
Life is good.

The sweater MAY be revisable...though I honestly don't think I can take it right now. I'm going to focus on the Xmas gifts at this point and when I'm ready to move on, I will.

I saw "A History of Violence" tonight. I give it three stars...if only because I got to see Viggo's ass. It is ultra violent, with a bizarre mix of humor. I'd recommend it.

Tomorrow the firewood gets dumped on the sidewalk, so I should rest up...since I've got to carry in and stack the logs.

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