Friday, October 14, 2005

Things I broke at the Joy House

Here is a list, courtesy of little Petey, of things I broke at the Joy House

1) The stove. Cost of repair $137.99. Apparently something leaked into the keypad area. I don't really know what I spilled, but according to the repair man, "it was an obvious spill."

2) The Coffee Pot; but I fixed it over the phone, so this doesn't count

3) The water cooler became unplugged and Cesi didn't mow the lawn.

4) I have been accused of leaving the fridge door open, causing the temperature to rise to a balmy 48 degrees

5) I was unable to "close the deal" with a sale, costing my parents about $350

6) Luther became born free JUST ONCE

7) Harry developed a skin allergy and hot spot; cost of vet appointment $100

8) The Eagles were embarassed by the Cowboys; cost me money to Bob Wynne in bet and a great deal of pride. Come on Birds.

9) Dad had to take our beer bottles to the dump. Drunken sots.

10) Julianna pooped her pants in the car.

Joy House Vacations: Priceless
All in all, not so bad. Thanks for some good times.

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Jen said...

Little Petey, if you read this, sorry about the stove . . . I think it may have happened when I cleaned it. And, the grass was way too wet to mow . . .

So great to spend time together on Cape. Can't wait to do it again soon.

Jen (aka) Rocket