Saturday, March 31, 2007

Checking in

Hi all...just letting you know we are hanging in. I went to see "Blades of Glory" for a good laugh tonight---and laugh I did. But on the way home I was driving by the Vet school and couldn't get Molly out of my head...the tears are still flowing.

Maggie seems to be taking it tough...she misses her sister. She's been even more timid on walks and very clingy with mommy. We are looking forward to grandpa's visit tomorrow to help us get our minds of things.

Thanks to all for your comments and support...SNUGGLE TIME CALLS...


Mandy said...

I was so sorry to read about Molly. Our family lost our own Molly last summer (she was 12 1/2)and it still is pretty hard sometimes. I just wanted to let you know I feel for you.

Laurie (Moo!) said...

I'm sorry that Molly had to leave you so soon. Anytime is too soon when they're part of the family.

She's watching you and wants your socks! (Huh? Your socks?)

Give Maggie those extra hugs.