Sunday, March 04, 2007

Entrelac Sock Class

In this Spring's Interweave, Eunny Jang published an enlightening article on Entrelac knitting, accompanied by a pattern for entrelac socks in (yum) Koigu.

Mom, Wendy and I decided to give them a try today, at a Rosie's sponsored class. The class is actually over the next six weeks, every other Sunday. I knew, after reading the pattern, I was worried about the cast on...a middle eastern cast on.

I was right to be was a took me about 45 mins and 7000 attempts and then, I finally got it...I doubt I will EVER forget it.

Here is the beginning:

and the progress on the toe increases:

and many hours later, the first few tiers of a sock:

But here's the thing...I'm not sure I care about having entrelac my Sock of the Month club shipment came on Friday...

Thoughts? Do I press on or save the koigu for something else...PS isn't it GORGEOUS! The multi arrived at Rosie's on Saturday and I scooped up 7 skeins... yum!


Angie said...

While Eunny's articles are always wonderful, my thought on the Entrelac socks was? Why spend ALL that time on a sock? My vote, save the Koigu for something else.

buttercup said...

I'm with Angie. Entrelac is a lot of fun to do, but wasted on something that pants will cover up.

Why didn't they have that Koigu when I was on my Philly yarn crawl last month????? Dang!

Sherry W said...

Well, I'm biased but I think if you like how it looks and are enjoying making them you should press on. If you don't like it, them make something else.

Knit socks are always a waste of yarn and effort if you think of them as something pants cover up.

AmyDe said...

If you think they'll be comfy - make them - just maybe make them shorter and maybe reverse the colors on sock 2. That way you have enough yarn to make them both out of the current two skeins. If on the 0otherhand you can't stand the thought of walking on all those picked up stitches (like me) - save that koigu!