Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Accidental MY ASS!

Accidental: "happening by chance or accident; not planned; unexpected (Dictionary.com)."

So how does someone (Anna Nicole Smith) who has the following drugs in her system NOT PLAN on dying?

chloral hydrate (sleeping pills)
growth hormones
high doses of B12

the physicians who did not reconcile these medications should/could be held accountable based on the "National Patient Safety Goals..." which, by the way, have been RAMMED down my throat for the last three months while we await JCAHO's appearance. For a woman who had so many "caregivers," they let her down. Truthfully, I think she wanted to be with her son.


AmyDe said...

True. If people wan to hurt themelves they will find a way - no matter who is watching out for them.

Angie said...

Growth Hormones??? That is truly a bizarre set of drugs...

Kat said...

Benedryl? for allergies? Cipro? for a bladder infection?

Now, while I am not a pill taker, it seems to me that one with an ounce of common sense would not take what was on this list!

Maybe she did want to be with her son, or wanted to be so numb that she did not think about him.

joann, wynnewood said...

She was more than a little off center so we should not be surprised that she ODed. However, does the name Howard K. Stern ring a bell. He's not exactly on center either. What a bunch of wackos. They make Michael Jackson look normal. Imagine.