Thursday, March 15, 2007

Progress, Projects and New Acquistions

Its March Madness in the knitting world. Seriously, there isn't much better than watching 12 hours of college basketball with the needles in hand. So here is what is going on:

Here is the progress of my Highland Triangle in Rowan Felted Tweed. I've completed 2 of 6 pattern repeats for the center diamond. Nice pattern and I like the yarn. My only complaint, it breaks REALLY easily. For someone who pulls the yarn pretty tightly this tends to be a problem. Lots of split splicing. I can't wait to roam around the Scottish Highlands in May with this around my shoulders.

Item number 2 for my trip: STR "Emerald Isle" colorway. This pattern is a cute cable-rib from Reynolds new "Soft Sea Wool-Steppin' Out" collection. So, mom has Scottish Highlands and I have Emerald Isle. Perfect. Coke bottles make great props for socks in progress.

I've got about 12 more rounds of the leg to go. I just started these two nights ago. I've been using my knowknits sack and knitting at the bus stop and during rounds. It's perfect. Yesterday Wendy and I had our inaugural park knitting session as we enjoyed the first really warm Spring day. Needless to say, the temp had dropped 30 degrees in 24 hours and tomorrow it is going to snow.
Carol's hubby came in at the beginning of knitting circle last night. I grabbed these from him immediately. On the left is sock yarn in colorway "Herb." I think it is so subtle and lovely. On the left is MORE sock yarn, colorway "Feeling Groovy." I'm thinking this yarn would make great gloves. Why am I thinking about gloves? My hyacinth and daffodils are popping up all over the front yard.
Here are Gus and Magpie. If you look at on the right of Miss Maggie you will see a little brownish dot on her white chest. That is one of the spots that met my hair dye last weekend. I didn't realize she had come in to the bathroom and was standing behind me. She took about three hits. Close up its a lovely plum color:FERIA #56. Oh, it looks good on my head too!
And finally, Maggie discovered STR. This is my Sock Club yarn. She also ate the Emerald Isle, but I've already untangled that. I got about halfway through this one last night before I couldn't deal any longer. It's salvegable. She doesn't really EAT the yarn. She just enjoys pulling it out of it's neat center pull ball and making it a tangled mess...bitch.
She's also been enjoying throw pillows and random pieces of paper.

Happy St Patty's to all...Saturday I turn into Christina O'Bach. Tomorrow night: Crab Fries at Chickie and Pete's

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joann, wynnewood said...

Are you going to stitch and pitch in philly? Have you gone before? Do all the knitters sit together?
The way you have that first piece layed out - it looks like a knit thong!!! LOL!