Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Six Pack

Its been a rough week for the six pack.
For those who don't know, the six pack = the six Bach beagles...three of whom live with me and three of whom live with my folks on Cape Cod.
The six pack was recently reunited for two weeks of bliss together at my house in Philly.

They are truly a pack. The get along amazingly well, with only occassional spats, usually involving Greenies.

Last week, we got the bad news that Murphy, aka "Scarecrow, brown dog and the elder statesman, " has cancer. Most likely it is lung cancer. I told Murph to lay of the cancer sticks, but he liked a good after kibble drag. Mom and Dad have elected to palliate his symptoms and focus on quality of life.
I took this photo of Murphy while he was visiting:

He's such a handsome boy. We love you Murphy.

Gus has discovered he likes to lick Maggie's ears:

Frankly, I don't think Maggie enjoys it much.

Maggie has also been enjoying the snow and ice. Monday night she brought this block of ice in the house with her for shits and giggles. It wasn't funny when she put it in my bed!


Maggie also fell asleep with her nose INSIDE her Grandma's crocs:

Harry and Molly had a meeting of the minds:

As did Luther, Gus and Maggie:

So, would anyone argue that we have the 6 cutest beagles in the world.

I didn't think so!

Knitting update:

Started this cute little sweater called "Little Jersey" from Knitting at Knoon patterns. The yarn is the ever yummy Kersti. This is for Julie and Jim's baby. I finished the back in two nights knitting time---not too shabby if I may say


AmyDe said...

I'm sorry to hear about your baby's cancer. I'll pray for him and for all of you during this.

I also have two beagles and they are so precious. I always enjoy seeing your doggy pics and hearing the stories.

Donna said...

So sorry to hear about Murphy. They are the darn cutest beagles I have ever seen!

The picture of the "Beagle sleeping in Crocs" is priceless!

buttercup said...

Poor Murphy. The pic of him is so sweet, and his face is so gray. That makes me so sad when their faces go gray.

I think your parents have it right, quality over quantity. No one should suffer because we can't bear the loss.

Good work on the sweater and keep those cute beagle shots coming.

joann, wynnewood said...

I feel for you with Murphy being sick. I had a beloved Puli who died of kidney failure about 5 years ago and his last days were as perfect as we could make them. I had to dialize him twice a day, putting in fluids. I became a regular nurse nancy. When he'd hear the music for the 11 oclock news he'd head for the kitchen for his treatment. When he arrived at his final day, I knew he wouldn't make it, so I hand fed him a filet mignon for his dinner. We took him to the vet at night and he peacefully went to sleep. I still haven't gotten over it, although I do have a wonderful puli named Ozzy who sits on my lap while I knit. Its just too sad. Be strong. Keep knitting. Lots of hugs and kisses help too.