Tuesday, March 13, 2007



Dear Anonymous

Wendy and I enjoy doing the podcast...but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember that we both have full time demanding jobs (lawyer and social worker), second jobs (@Rosie's and teaching for Temple U), dogs, friends, families,love lives, volunteer commitments, knitting, traveling, other hobbies, house upkeep and many millions of other things that we do BEFORE we can do the podcast. It just hasn't been a priority for a while and I cannot tell you when it might be. If, in the meantime, you feel like you need to take us off your podcast list, ok. We appreciate that you are a fan---but there is an old proverb that goes something like...Good things come to those who wait.

Seriously, it has taken Wendy and I two weeks to settle on a night to go to Target.

That should give you some sense of how hectic our schedules have become.

PS These are knittyd's feelings. I try to keep active with my blog and know that I've reached out to people through Knitty Delicious and KnittyD and the City.
Wendy was not involved in the content of this post.

Yes, I'm ranting...which I'm not so good at


AmyDe said...

You're right! Not so good at the ranting. You need to let go and lash out a little! Don' apologize for or excuse your feelings or outrage at other's lack of consideration. RANT with a capital R-A-N-T. You are a smart, educated, vivacious and BUSY lady and you owe us NOTHING! We appreciate and love the podcast and yes, are saddened not to see it in our updated list every week, but I for one completely understand that LIFE and all it's "busy-ness" makes podcasting (coughHOBBYcough) a lower priority.

I can't wait for you guys to be back on the air, but until then I will wait patiently. And I don't know about anyone lese's list, but my I-tunes can hold as many subscriptions as I want so haveing a few that don't update regularly isn't a problem.

Some people just need to get their knickers out of a twist! - There - you see, a proper RANT!

On a more relavant note - I hope that things settle in for you guys so you can knit and relax and enjoy each other's company more. I also hope to hear from you again on the "waves" as soon as you are ready.


Lisa said...

I do miss you guys, but I'm not going to bother you about it. I'm so busy I can't even listen to the podcasts I've got downloaded right now!

Here's my two cents: if what they had to say were really worth listening to, reading about, etc., then they wouldn't be hiding behind an anonymous tag.

I think they're just frightened of how the rest of us might jump on them for being mean! (And we just might, too!)

Elysbeth said...

Quality takes time. I would rather have few Fabulous casts than a bunch of so-so casts. Have a good time at T----t.

Knittah said...

What's the fuss? Podcasting is new; most people do it as a hobby. KnittyD is not NPR, people! And is anyone's list so crowded that they can't just leave KnittyD and the City on there, to be sure to catch the next 'cast? Sheesh.

Jennifer said...

I agree on all points with lisa. If they were "important", they wouldn't be anonymous.

I am glad that things are well, otherwise, and that things are "good busy". Give the pups a hug and we will see ya' when we see ya'!

P.S. The RSC package was my first toe-up too and I now want to do them all that way, since my kitchnering sucks!

Anonymous said...

Some folks have nothing better to do than complain--I'm de-lurking to tell you that I'm NOT taking you off my ITunes list, can wait until the end of creation if it means I get to laugh with the both of you again, and am satrting to develop a troublesome Schaeffer Anne habit (can you go to Promises for that?) because you you guys!


--Anne (yes, that's my name--I have yarn named after me)

Donna said...

Wow - I think "Anonymous" was kinda rude! You and Wendy are doing us a HUGE service by reporting all the latest and greatest yarn/knitting news and products. I wouldn't even know what "Anne" was if it weren't for you guys. God knows there are no yarn shops in my area that carry it.
You are both very much appreciated. If you aren't recording, you are both obviously VERY BUSY. It seems like you enjoy doing it. So people will have to be patient and get the hell over it!!

Happy fan who will wait as long as necesary for the next episode