Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Scottish Highlands and more

Who's SEXY feet are these????

Mom, FINALLY, sporting her Scottish Highlands Socks that Rock socks!!!

The pattern is Fiber Trends Peak Experience Sock. Doesn't she look SASSY? Even cooler, we will be touring the Scottish Highlands in two short months!

Also, two years ago today, Maggie officially became a Bach Beagle! Happy adoptaversary Magpie!!!!

I love my forever home! Look at my sassy new collar!


AmyDe said...

Happy Home Day Maggie! - Oh and the socks are great too *grin*

Kathy said...

She looks so happy, it must be the yarn diet she's on!

Those socks are wonderful, and how appropriate for your trip.

Elysbeth said...

Beautiful. The colour and pattern combo are smashing.

Dipsy said...

These socks turned out so awesome - and they seem to be just perfect for your upcoming trip! Oh, and Maggie is *so* cute, what a very beautiful dog! All the best to her!

Carol said...

Happy Day, Maggie! Please do NOT celebrate by feeling entitled to eat Koigu or bamboo needles. Stick to doggie treats, please, or maybe a nice T-bone.

Gorgeous socks. (The feet are nice-looking, too.)

I'm SO jealous. A trip to the Highlands? You take the kewlest vacays, you vixen, you.

Bev Love said...

Wow, this is a really new look for your blog. Very St. Patrick's Day theme. I just got my baby boy a new doggy door. He's trying to train me to use it, but I keep telling him - Mommy can't stoop that low. He has to go through without me :) I hope none of my yarn ends up buried in the back yard!!

Kerry said...

The socks are absolutely gorgeous! The Scottish Highlands is on my "dying to get my hands on this yarn" list. Now I want it even more!

Maggie is gorgeous too of course. :-) I love beagles!

laura said...

i just googled STR scottish highlands...i just got some at a sheep and wool festival...don't get me wrong...i love the color way but like yours in particular because the colors are more subtle